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E-mail marketing: Savior of Many Small Businesses

Posted by Sara | Marketing | Friday 4 May 2012 11:16 pm


In the hard economic times of today, it is difficult for a small business to retain its existing customers. At the same time, it is also necessary for it to give an equal importance to potential customers.

The reason is simple. During recession, people minimize their spending on products and services unless they belonged to the category of basic necessities. Because not all product vendors or service providers engage themselves in the production of basic necessities, they need to ensure that they earn profits good enough to help them run basic business operations, to say the least.

However, a small business can relieve itself from market and economic fluctuations by following a customer-oriented business approach. This means that it should give preferences to needs of its existing & potential customers rather than maximizing profits. A perfect equilibrium in such a case will be to work for creating and maintaining an effective online presence to ensure that customers don’t shift their loyalty.

The best way to get such equilibrium is by connecting online and offline customers through e-mail marketing. Email marketing is one of the most appealing and rewarding marketing options before a business in today’s hard, competitive times. It helps a business by creating a personalized, interactive environment between the buyers and sellers for mutual benefits. Each and every customer in this business world likes to be appreciated for its loyalty. If that were not true, loyalty schemes, discount coupons, customer success stories and testimonials would not have found any place in this business world. But this has not been the case and rightly so.

A small business can remind its customers who love its products and services that it is always there and ready for their business, both online & offline. E-mail marketing helps a business in this regard by stimulating purchases via direct promotions and simple reminders. It can even fill a store on otherwise slow business days. By sending e-mails with a subject line such as “Tell us what interests you” a small business can win customers in no time. Wake up your small business from a long sleep by saying yes to email Marketing.

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Spin bill of Labour rockets by 43 percent in one year

Posted by Sara | Marketing | Thursday 2 June 2011 2:36 am

Spin bill of Labour rockets by 43 percent in one yearThe cost of government spin has rocketed by as much as 43 percent in a single year.

Despite the deepening recession, more than 540million pounds was spent on advertising and marketing in the year to March.

From Dailymail.co.uk:

Official figures, slipped out as MPs concentrated on the swine flu epidemic, showed spending on television, press and radio advertising grew by 35 per cent to 211million pounds.

Digital marketing, which includes the internet, soared by 84 per cent to 40million pounds.

Other costs included ‘news and PR’, which rose by 52 per cent to 40.9million, while live events to spread government messages nearly trebled to 34.3million pounds.

Mark Lund, the chief executive of the Central Office of Information, which co-ordinates government advertising, marketing and communications, said: ‘ Government campaigns can help save lives and save money.

The huge rise was blamed on the cost of high profile ‘nanny state’ campaigns to tackle obesity, smoking and climate change.

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Marketing push pays off for Reckitt

Posted by Sara | Marketing | Wednesday 6 April 2011 4:57 am

Marketing Push pays off for reckittReckitt Benckiser, the household goods giants, said a major marketing drive paid off after annual profits lifted 23 per cent to £1.9billion last year.

Well-known brands including Nurofen and Strepsils performed strongly after it increased media spending to 11.1 per cent of all revenues, according to Reckitt.

From Dailymail.co.uk:

Highlights of the year for Reckitt included strong sales of Dettol as swine flu fears caused a surge in demand for anti-bacterial and virus products – helped by the marketing drive as the firm also benefited from cheaper advertising rates during the recession.

Revenues across the health and personal care division increased 14 per cent to £2.08billion. It is hoping for further growth though product launches this year, including the introduction of Strepsils in tube packaging and the launch of its Lysol no-touch hand soap system.

The group said its strong showing reflected good performances across its 17 so-called ‘powerbrands’, which also include Cillit Bang and Vanish.

The firm, which traces its roots back to 1823, was formed by a merger of Reckitt & Colman and Benckiser in 1999.

Shares were more than 2 per cent higher today.

This was despite Reckitt disclosing that the uncertain timing of generic competition to its Suboxone heroin substitute in the United States meant it would not provide targets for total group revenues in 2010.

Keith Bowman, an equity analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown Stockbrokers, said: ‘Reckitt has again delivered profits at the high end of analyst forecasts, although uncertainties going forward continue to build.

‘Whilst a trusted formula of product innovation and heavy advertising is driving sales, the loss of a key patent and likely generic competition for the company’s pharmaceutical offering is providing some caution.’

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Bangladesh losing to India and China

Posted by Sara | Opinion | Saturday 31 July 2010 1:33 am

Bangladesh losing to India and ChinaExporters have been expressing concern over the fact that Bangladesh is losing on the United States market for garments to competitors like India, Vietnam, China, and Indonesia, among others.

Bangladesh has witnessed overall negative growth in shipments compared to other competitors in Asia, as per exporters making a reference to a recent report of US Commerce Department, exporters say Bangladesh, recording a marginal fall during January-April this year.

From in.news.yahoo.com:

The report on ‘US apparel imports from major Asian sources in January-April 2010′ shows Bangladesh’s apparel shipments saw one percent decline over the like period of the past year.

The report shows that in January-April, shipments from China grew more than 13 percent to $6.8 billion, Vietnam 9.6 percent to $1.7 billion and Indonesia 6.1 percent to $1.46 billion.

Shipments from India in the period grew by 1.8 percent to $1.15 billion, Pakistan 8 percent to $0.4 billion and from Cambodia they grew by 3 percent to $0.65 billion.

‘The post-recession US market appears to be harsh to Bangladesh,’ a Bangladeshi executive who works for the Dhaka sourcing office of an US importer told New Age.

In the first four months of the current year, Bangladesh’s apparel shipments to the US were worth $1.21 billion against the figure of $1.2 billion in the like period of the 2009.

Sourcing dynamics have changed a lot in the post-recession market and it appears that the US market after recession has been harsh to Bangladesh.

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Euro collapse can be triggered by Germany

Posted by Sara | Opinion | Thursday 24 June 2010 2:35 am

Euro collapse can be triggered by Germany“Dangerous” policy decisions in Berlin could destabilize the entire European continent besides leading to the collapse of Euro, according to a warning by Billionaire investor George Soros.

It was remarked by Soros that while the world is more concerned about recession, Germany has more concerns about inflation and this policy can be dangerous for Europe and could trigger collapse of Euro.

From Economictimes.indiatimes.com:

“Unfortunately, a collapse of the euro and the European project cannot be ruled out,” Soros was quoted as saying in the Die Zeit weekly.

“That would be tragic, because then Europe would be threatened by the sort of conflicts between states that have shaped European history,” added Soros.

He said what he termed the “disintegration” of the European Union was already taking place, with “the difference of opinion between Germany and France on economic policy bigger than 10 years ago.”

Paris and Berlin have clashed recently on the best way to shape Europe’s economic architecture in the wake of the debt crisis in Greece and elsewhere in the euro area.

And Soros said that Berlin was “isolated globally” in a debate over deficit reduction ahead of the G20 summit in Toronto over the weekend.

Deficit reduction is critical to economic recovery and growth is not in danger, as per Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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Online Shopping on a high after recession

Posted by Sara | Online Presence,Online Shopping | Monday 21 June 2010 6:30 am

Online Shopping on a high after recessionAccording to the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index, online shopping reached its highest growth since June 2008. This massive boost is attributed to the warm weather and the World Cup.

IMRG spokeswoman Tina Spooner said the e-retail market in the United Kingdom has grown 14 percent that is in line with predictions for the year.

From Thescotsman.scotsman.com:

The index shows a 3 per cent sales increase in May, compared to April this year.

Preparations for the World Cup appear to have played their part, with alcohol sales up 23 per cent compared to last year and electrical goods up 13 per cent.

Online clothing sales rose in May, up 32 per cent compared to last year, fuelled by sportswear buying and warmer weather.

Capgemini spokesman Chris Webster said: “Throughout the history of the index we have seen a noticeable rise in sales of certain goods whenever there is a major sports tournament on.

“This year’s World Cup is no exception, with online retail as a whole growing by the highest level in two years and sectors such as clothing, alcohol and electricals rising rapidly.

E–retailers have already started to benefit from an increase in consumer spending as consumers are now confident of the economy as recession is now almost over.

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Business Quotes – Inspiring the entrepreneur in you!

Posted by Sara | Business Quotes | Saturday 21 November 2009 3:54 am

Business Quotes - Inspiring the entrepreneur in you!Let us have access to some of the best words by some of the best individuals born on this earth.

Business social responsibility should not be coerced; it is a voluntary decision that the entrepreneurial leadership of every company must make on its own. – John Mackey

Many business leaders are asking fundamental questions about what business they’re in, why they are doing it and how it can be used as a means of healing human and natural communities. – Amory Lovins

A business is successful to the extent that it provides a product or service that contributes to happiness in all of its forms. – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

If the firms that employ an increasing majority of the population are driven solely to satisfy the owner’s greed at the expense of working conditions, of the stability of the community, and of the health of the environment, chances are that the quality of our lives will be worse than it is now. – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

To open a shop is easy, to keep it open is an art. – Chinese Proverb.

Avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it. – Colin Powell

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. – Henry Ford

Many great ideas go unexecuted, and many great executioners are without ideas. One without the other is worthless. – Tim Blixseth

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