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Twitter Reaches Deal With Google To Boost Online Presence

Posted by Brad Duchaine | Marketing,Online Presence | Friday 13 February 2015 12:00 am

Twitter has reached a deal with Google to make its short messages become more visible on the Internet and boost its online presence.

twitter google

Under the deal, tweets will show up with Google engine searches as soon as they are posted in the first half of the year to give Google access to the flow of Twitter’s 284 million users.

From now on, Google will go to search information on the Twitter web site and the process will become automatic.

Twitter is trying to expand its audience and generate more ad resources and is keen to make a strong statement with its online marketing efforts despite not making any profit in this year. Twitter said it will allow its advertisers to run ads on web sites outside its network. Twitter, which also provides data to Microsoft Corp.’s Bing search service and Yahoo! Inc., is trying to draw more people to its site as user growth slows. A few days back, Twitter announced deals to show advertising in Flipboard Inc.’s mobile application and with Yahoo Japan Corp.

The renewed relationship would benefit both companies “given Google’s desire for greater relevance on mobile and in real- time, and Twitter’s desire to extend reach and monetization,” Colin Sebastian, an analyst with Robert W Baird & Co., wrote in a note. The “new partnership would suggest Google is less likely to acquire Twitter,” he wrote.

Twitter rose 3.3% to $42.05 at 9:31 a.m. New York time. Through yesterday’s close, the stock had advanced 14% this year. Google added 0.3% to $527.50.

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How To Get Cheapest Domain Name Registration?

Posted by Sara | Marketing,Online Presence | Tuesday 5 February 2013 12:31 am

If you are planning to develop or redefine the online presence of your brick and mortar business, going online to find the cheapest domain name registration that is high on returns will be the ideal option for you.

How To Get Cheapest Domain Name Registration

While doing so, it is important for you to remember that the domain name should be kept short, relevant, unique, and compelling enough to draw website traffic over a period of time. Moreover, the domain name should be easy to remember and type into the browser and should preferably come with a .com suffix as it is useful to suggest that the business has been around for a while and that the business has a well-established presence on the Web.

In addition to that, it is always better to register different similar domain names that point to the same website. This is not only useful to protect the goodwill and brand of your business, but is also useful to get interested customers looking for your website but typing extensions such as .net or some other extension in error. If that was not all, it is always a good idea to consider registering any common misspellings of your domain to protect your brand and prevent misdirected traffic.

By following these smart domain registration tips, you can surely get more value out of the entire domain name registration process.

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Distinctive Advantages Of Small Business Web Design Solutions

Posted by Sara | Online Presence | Saturday 19 January 2013 5:08 am

When it comes to creating and nurturing online presence for a small business, there is nothing than to get things started than professional small business web design solutions. This is not just because these professional solutions are highly customized, but also because they they are very much affordable and in easy reach of every modern-day business unit.

Distinctive advantages of small business web design solutions

By seeking professional website designing services, you can save a fortune on printing costs, postage, long distance phone calls, and faxing. If that was not all, you can even cut down dramatically on for costly color brochures by using the website of your business as its ‘brochure’. Moreover, this brochure can be updated as and when you want and in easy steps. In addition to these advantages, you can even save valuable time of your workforce by putting catalogs, price lists, frequently asked questions, etc. on the website besides allowing PDFs of documents on the internet so that existing and potential customers can download it as and when required and at any time.

To access these high-end yet affordable solutions, you just need to contact a reputed provider of small business web design services that will guide you to prosperity and success besides helping your business enjoy a distinctive presence on the internet.

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Small Traders Urged To Enhance Online Presence

Posted by Sara | Online Presence | Thursday 20 December 2012 4:52 am

During a recent briefing by top officials of Internet giant Google, it is time to start changing directions if the growth strategy of your company does not involve building a strong online presence. The reason provided was because your company faces the very real possibility of eating the dust left behind by more aggressive competitors that are embracing the power of the World Wide Web.

Small Traders Urged To Enhance Online Presence

Google predicted that between 2012 and 2015, 500 million new users from emerging markets—including the Philippines- will go online and this represents a potential for all companies online.

The World Wide Web was transforming small businesses as they now realize that their market can be quickly and affordably expanded beyond their home country by just being present online, thus they are diversifying their operations to include the Internet, said Ghislain Le Chatelier, regional head for small and medium businesses in Southeast Asia.

“Digital marketing helps small businesses look big. It allows them to scale, expand their reach and have access to new countries, new clients and markets. It also allows firms to be very efficient in terms of targeting customers,” says Le Chatelier.

Le Chatelier says Google is thus on hand to show that going online is not as difficult as small and medium firms may think. “Once they are online, they can join a four-week success plan to build and grow their business. SMBs can reach out to business partner teams in their home country that will help them expand, optimize and grow their online presence,” says Le Chatelier.

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E-mail marketing: Savior of Many Small Businesses

Posted by Sara | Marketing | Friday 4 May 2012 11:16 pm


In the hard economic times of today, it is difficult for a small business to retain its existing customers. At the same time, it is also necessary for it to give an equal importance to potential customers.

The reason is simple. During recession, people minimize their spending on products and services unless they belonged to the category of basic necessities. Because not all product vendors or service providers engage themselves in the production of basic necessities, they need to ensure that they earn profits good enough to help them run basic business operations, to say the least.

However, a small business can relieve itself from market and economic fluctuations by following a customer-oriented business approach. This means that it should give preferences to needs of its existing & potential customers rather than maximizing profits. A perfect equilibrium in such a case will be to work for creating and maintaining an effective online presence to ensure that customers don’t shift their loyalty.

The best way to get such equilibrium is by connecting online and offline customers through e-mail marketing. Email marketing is one of the most appealing and rewarding marketing options before a business in today’s hard, competitive times. It helps a business by creating a personalized, interactive environment between the buyers and sellers for mutual benefits. Each and every customer in this business world likes to be appreciated for its loyalty. If that were not true, loyalty schemes, discount coupons, customer success stories and testimonials would not have found any place in this business world. But this has not been the case and rightly so.

A small business can remind its customers who love its products and services that it is always there and ready for their business, both online & offline. E-mail marketing helps a business in this regard by stimulating purchases via direct promotions and simple reminders. It can even fill a store on otherwise slow business days. By sending e-mails with a subject line such as “Tell us what interests you” a small business can win customers in no time. Wake up your small business from a long sleep by saying yes to email Marketing.

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Right Web Hosting and Website Software

Posted by Sara | Video | Monday 10 October 2011 10:49 pm

If you are looking to make a website, this YouTube video on how to choose the right web hosting and use the best website software, WordPress, will help you in more than just a way. The video is a must-see for beginners to the world of online presence.

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Best Site on Business Promotion award

Posted by Sara | Blogging | Thursday 22 September 2011 3:53 am

Best Site on Business Promotion awardYour favorite site, Blogandopinion.com, is delighted to announce that Bloggersandmarketers.com, one of the best names in the world of business promotion and online marketing has awarded it with the Best Site on Business Promotion award.

We received this award for successfully offering free and qualified information on topics such as internet marketing, pay-per-click advertising, internet & data security, search engine optimization, online presence, offline marketing, and small business marketing.

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Trading Partners For Small Businesses

Posted by Sara | Video | Saturday 10 September 2011 2:54 am

The YouTube video highlights the value and importance of new contractors for growing the online presence of a modern day business. This can be effectively done by using the internet for promoting sales and reducing costs via identification of new products, services, and partners with ease.

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Best Site on Online Marketing goes to Buy-expo.com

Posted by Sara | Opinion | Monday 5 September 2011 9:07 pm

Blogandopinion is pleased to announce that Buy-expo.com has emerged as the Best Site on Online Marketing in its recently concluded independent survey.

Best Site on Online Marketing goes to Buy-expo.com

Buy-expo won this award on the basis of its continued dedication to educate site visitors on subjects like search engine optimization, online presence, offline marketing, small business marketing, data security, and privacy laws.

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All about Branding Your Website

Posted by Sara | Marketing | Tuesday 15 June 2010 1:12 am

All about Branding Your WebsiteIn today’s web-dominated world, no business can expect results coming its way unless it makes it a point to create and nourish its online presence by opting for a professionally-designed website. Moreover, the website must be regularly updated and in complete conformity with website creation and marketing guidelines. Read on to find how you can brand your website in easy ways.

The website of your business is the first impression and point of contact for customers, existing and potential. This means that it represents an important component of your marketing and branding strategies and what customers should be expecting from you. It is for this reason that we mentioned the words “professionally designed website” since your business site will help customers make informed decisions and do business with you. It will also help in marketing your products and services and creating equilibrium between demand and supply.

Before you start branding your website, it is important for you to first carefully evaluate the potential markets and customers. For this, you will need access to preferences of customers that will help you grow the business in the best possible manner. After detailed audience profiling, it is time for you to find insights on strengths and weaknesses of your competitors as your marketing strategy will be focused on their weak points and your strong points.

Then, it is time for you to brand your website by emphasizing upon branding tools such as articles, blogs, newsletters, press releases, newsletters, and email marketing.

It is highly important to note that you need to focus on the quality and not the quantity aspect. This means that you need to improve quality of your products and services by finding easy, budget-friendly, and efficient ways to increase the production and reducing the operational costs without compromising on the quality aspect. If you can do that, customers will reach you before you reach them and this will be success for you, as a business.

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Online Presence – Overstated or Understated?

Posted by Sara | Online Presence | Tuesday 20 April 2010 12:01 am

Online Presence – Overstated or Understated?As a business owner or marketing executive, you must have already heard so much about online presence that you feel that the whole concept is overstated. But you need to think twice.

Just like success has no exceptions, online presence has none. Moreover, success and online presence cannot be ever overstated.

No business operating in today’s competitive business environment can have enough of online presence as competitors are more than eagerly waiting to be the leader and not the second.

Moreover, a business not opting for online presence may find it that some one else has been maintaining an online presence using its name (intentionally or unintentionally) and that is not at all strange on the Web. For example – If you are running a business with a name ABC Ltd. in the United States and have not opted for online presence and there is a company with the same ABC Ltd. in Asia with an online presence, your potential market may have been explored and exploited by this Asian counterpart using the same name without you even knowing about it.

Let us read about some benefits of online presence to find out if it is overstated or understated.

More than 72 percent of world’s potential customers are on the web today and just 32 percent of businesses are on the web. This means that the demand and supply of online activities is understated and often misinterpreted to say the least. Any business, small or big, can explore new markets and create a distinctive niche but the fear of losing out is something that is still holding many businesses not to shed their offline presence and opt for online presence. The fact that an online presence can help a business gain qualified leads besides retaining existing and attracting potential customers is something that is something often left behind by modern day businesses suggests that online presence is still understated and unexplored.

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Search Engine Optimization-How to reap benefits?

Posted by Sara | Online Presence | Monday 19 April 2010 5:26 am

Search Engine Optimization - How to reap benefits?If you are new to the world of search engine optimization and want to enhance interaction of a business website with users as well as search engine, this blog is just meant for you. Read on!

In this web-dominated business world, online presence is a necessity and not a luxury. Moreover, businesses that do not update this presence on a regular basis are as good as businesses with no online presence. This is the reason why search engine optimization (SEO), a comprehensive process of optimizing benefits of online presence, comes into prominence.

For best web site performance, the site should have a text based navigation structure, which is easy to navigate for the search engine spiders. All pages of the concerned site must reside in the root directory and all site pages must allow links to other pages. The point is that the user or search engine spiders should not be more than two clicks away from their expectations and desired path. Moreover, long files names just to make use of selected keywords should not be allowed.

It is also important to note that SEO is not merely restricted to just text, titles, Meta tags, ALT tags, etc. It involves home page, content, search engine friendly appearance, uniqueness, directory submissions, search engine submissions, link campaigns, and online marketing. It also involves site marketing and promotional tactics like pay-per-click, paid listings, newsletters, press releases, article and blog submissions, email campaigns, affiliate marketing, and offline website marketing.

By offering enough consideration to all these things consecutively and regularly, an online business can easily reap benefits of search engine optimization.

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Planning your business’s online presence

Posted by Sara | Online Presence | Saturday 17 April 2010 1:34 am

Planning your business's online presenceWhen it comes to effective promotion of products and services, online presence and strategic marketing can help considerably. Read on!

Every business, in today’s competitive world, needs to be on its “toes” when it comes to marketing. The fact that marketing is not just about creating demand and awareness about the products but also concerned with creating equilibrium between demand and supply besides ensuring enough profits is something attainable only with an effective web presence.

For this and many more reasons, it is important for every future-oriented business to create and maintain online presence and consistently work on the basics of strategic marketing. It is worth noting here that strategic marketing is all about managing marketing complexity, customer and investor expectations, and implementing efforts for reconciling the results of a changing environment in the context of a set of resource capabilities. Online presence, on the other hand, is all about opting for a business website and ensuring that it gets updated with unique, interesting, informative, relevant, and action-provoking content.

In order to proceed, a business first needs to identify its target market, competitors, and market leaders. Thereafter, marketing plans should be prepared so that customers can get products are prices lower than from the competitors and profit margins are enough to sustain and grow business. After that, plans must be regularly checked in order to ensure that they do not get outdated and no deviations are observed.

All in all, a business can easily go forward the idea of planning online presence to attain objectives but only by keeping a close eye on the present and the future.

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Build Business Site with Content Management System

Posted by Sara | Marketing | Wednesday 14 April 2010 5:12 am

Build Business Site with Content Management SystemIf you are a business owner or marketing executive about to create and launch a business website, this piece of information on content management system would surely be of an interest to you. Read on!

Before we start with the journey of this article, it is important for us to remember that Content is the undisputed King in the world of online marketing. This is the reason why so much emphasis is given to creating unique, interesting, compelling, and educative content and maintaining it on a continuous basis. This is exactly where a content management system comes into the picture.

A content management system or CMS can be easily described as an editable set of web pages enabling a site manager to organize, categorize, and manage site content through a web-based interface. One of the most popular examples of CMS is Facebook that allows us to edit, organize, and manage content.

If you are a business owner or executive and want to know more or seeking assistance in creating and maintaining content management system to promote your business’s online presence, you can seek the services of a promotional agency that would help you by offering the specialized services of an assistant art director for your specific content and business requirements. This means that you get undivided attention and better positioned to attain business goals.

In short, there is nothing more rewarding than a carefully planned and well-executed content management system under the able guidance of an assistant art director so that issues are best handled by an expert and results are in complete accordance with the predefined objectives.

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