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All about Branding Your Website

Posted by Sara | Marketing | Tuesday 15 June 2010 1:12 am

All about Branding Your WebsiteIn today’s web-dominated world, no business can expect results coming its way unless it makes it a point to create and nourish its online presence by opting for a professionally-designed website. Moreover, the website must be regularly updated and in complete conformity with website creation and marketing guidelines. Read on to find how you can brand your website in easy ways.

The website of your business is the first impression and point of contact for customers, existing and potential. This means that it represents an important component of your marketing and branding strategies and what customers should be expecting from you. It is for this reason that we mentioned the words “professionally designed website” since your business site will help customers make informed decisions and do business with you. It will also help in marketing your products and services and creating equilibrium between demand and supply.

Before you start branding your website, it is important for you to first carefully evaluate the potential markets and customers. For this, you will need access to preferences of customers that will help you grow the business in the best possible manner. After detailed audience profiling, it is time for you to find insights on strengths and weaknesses of your competitors as your marketing strategy will be focused on their weak points and your strong points.

Then, it is time for you to brand your website by emphasizing upon branding tools such as articles, blogs, newsletters, press releases, newsletters, and email marketing.

It is highly important to note that you need to focus on the quality and not the quantity aspect. This means that you need to improve quality of your products and services by finding easy, budget-friendly, and efficient ways to increase the production and reducing the operational costs without compromising on the quality aspect. If you can do that, customers will reach you before you reach them and this will be success for you, as a business.

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Brooks Sports report dramatic Annual Growth

Posted by Sara | Marketing | Monday 14 June 2010 12:58 am

Brooks Sports report dramatic Annual GrowthThe footwear and apparel brand founded in 1914, Brooks Sports, narrowed its marketing focus to just running shoes in 2000 and the marketing strategy has paid off.

The company has been reporting an annual growth of 5-10 percent over the last three years, and the reported revenue totaled approximately $200 million in 2009.

From NYtimes.com:

Dave Larson, vice president of marketing at Brooks, said that brands generally either take a “big shoe” approach, where technical features of shoes are highlighted, or a “big sweat” approach, where “running is a chore,” but there is “redemption” for those who exert.

“Companies are imaging running the same way by just talking about shoes’ features and benefits and not connecting with why people are out there,” Mr. Larson said. “We’re taking the tack of having more fun with it.”

Women, who accounted for 10 percent of marathon runners in 1980, represent 41 percent today, while women currently represent 47 percent of casual runners who run fewer than 50 times a year, according to Running USA. David Willey, editor of Runner’s World, said popular charity runs for causes like breast cancer, leukemia and autism, have drawn many new runners, with women being a “vast majority.”

According to the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association, 43.9 million people ran at least once as compared to 31.4 million in 2000 that means a staggering growth of nearly 40 percent.

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Search Engine Optimization – Definition and Future

Posted by Sara | Video | Friday 11 June 2010 2:42 am

If you are a new entrant to the world of online marketing and want to be absolutely clear about the definition and future of search engine optimization (SEO), this is one YouTube video you just cannot afford to miss. The free video suggests ways by which SEO can play a big role o a business’s online marketing strategy.

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Social marketing tips for selling on social networks

Posted by Sara | Video | Saturday 30 January 2010 4:57 am

If your business is keen to develop an effective and successful small business marketing strategy, this YouTube video can help you in more than just a way by offering easy-to-follow and effective advice in clear terms.

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