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Things that you must never tell to Your Children-IV

Posted by Sara | Raising Your Child | Friday 14 August 2009 4:17 am
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Things that you must never tell to Your Children-IVOne thing that is often told by some parents to their children is that they (children) deliberately make things complicated though they are easy. Can you really expect your young children to be on the same platform as you are? If you are, you are completely wrong. Every one learns from his own mistakes and guidance of those he trusts. You may lift a weight or cut vegetables in a few seconds but your child may take it longer than you and he cannot be blamed for that. Try to encourage your child by saying something like, ‘When I was of your age, I found this thing difficult but you really did it to perfection.’ You should not be rude to your child just because you did not get the right treatment from your parents or some one else or for any other reason.

The most absurd thing that a parent can tell a child is that he must never have been born or he is the reason of bad luck. Jesus, how can you talk such bad things even before your child? If you are really making these statements, you really need to have a thought lift or preferably consult a psychiatrist.

In short, try to give love, security, affection, respect, time, and right attitude to your children to help them grow to the fullest. Do not be the first obstructing stone before them by raising a voice whenever they fail or decides to make their own decision.

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