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Things that you must never tell to Your Children-III

Posted by Sara | Raising Your Child | Wednesday 12 August 2009 4:17 am
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Things that you must never tell to Your Children-IIIOne of the things that can hurt your child deeply is your habit of cracking jokes or be a part of jokes concerning any of his weaknesses. If your child has a problem like stuttering (stammering), autism, or Alzheimer’s disease or any other ailment, you cannot just avoid him or make fun of him or allow others to make fun of him. You need to be really strong in protecting your child from people near him otherwise you are unknowingly denting his confidence and losing his respect for you in the meanwhile.

One mistake that most female parents do is to threaten their child by saying that wait until your father returns. This will make the child traumatized and he will never be able to relish the joy of a father-child relationship. Moreover, passing the buck to your husband undermines your own authority and will mean that your own children will not obey your decision because they will come to know that you cannot do anything. Furthermore, it is totally absurd to ‘encourage’ the other parent by telling him half of the story to get the child beaten or scolded.

It is essential for a parent to realize that young minds are very sensitive and threatening them with statements like ‘I will leave you if you do not hurry up’ is not a good idea at all. Children fear for their safety and look up at their parents to offer them a complete sense of security and by making such statements; you are doing nothing but making them prone to depression, anxiety, insecurity, aggressive nature, and bad habits.

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