Things that you must never tell to Your Children-I

Posted by Sara | Raising Your Child | Saturday 8 August 2009 4:18 am
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Things that you must never tell to Your Children-IThe fact that children tend to get influenced by people and surroundings easily is often a cause of concern for all parents. This is the reason why dealing with them and ensuring that they are raised with proper manners and ethics are two of the biggest problems for every parent in this world.

It is commonly found that parents tend to say things that they never should have said when they see things going out of control. There is nothing wrong in influencing your children to act and think right but childhood and adolescence are stages when the young minds can make mistakes and you need to correct them and ensure that they are not repeated. Let us find why there is loss of respect and faith between parents and children.

It is very common with some parents to say to their children to act as per instructions or a witch or monster will come. This is totally wrong as terrifying your own child to get things done is an absurd idea in its entirety. You may make him traumatized and you will lose faith and respect of your child when he will find out that you were telling a lie. It is important to mote here that the authority and regulation of right decision should come from you and not from an imaginary or outside force.

You can help them make better decisions of life but the onus of making a decision must be left on them. Make them learn from mistakes and if they are committing or about to commit a big mistake, act to correct them immediately.

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