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Stubbornness – Do not allow it to develop in your child

Posted by Sara | Raising Your Child | Friday 27 November 2009 4:13 am
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Stubbornness - Do not allow it to develop in your childEvery parent loves to fulfill all wishes of his or her child but what they forget while doing their best is that they are encouraging stubbornness in the child without even realizing it. And when the child develops the habit, he or she is blamed of being stubborn. But what is left out is the fact that the child was never wrong as he or she did not have the common sense to differentiate between right and wrong but the adult parents do had that knowledge and failed to differentiate.

I know that it is really hard for a parent to refuse demands of his or her children but that does not mean that all demands of the children, even if they are wrong or unnecessary, are to be fulfilled. Being a parent, you have to be strong, calm, and understanding to tell your child that this demand is wrong and will not be fulfilled. The reason of refusal has to be communicated in a calm and understanding manner. This will not only eliminate wrong demands from your child’s side but will also help him or her grow as a mature person.

Remember, it is not wrong to satisfy your child’s right demands but it is wrong to satisfy wrong demands of your child. Raising your child is a virtue that comes with patience and understanding.

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