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Sibling Rivalry – How to Prevent?

Posted by Sara | Raising Your Child | Saturday 6 March 2010 8:36 am
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Most of the parents often find it hard to reduce or eliminate sibling rivalry among their children due to their busy schedules. Let us read about some easy ways on how to prevent sibling rivalry.

In order to prevent sibling rivalry, parents should not delay action before this rivalry reach new heights. By staying calm and using common sense, parents can easily reduce frustration over quarrelsome siblings in addition to turning the fights to feelings of love and affection.

Tips to prevent sibling fights:

  1. Parents should never discriminate or compare their children. It is wrong for a parent to praise one and scold the other in front of each other.
  2. It does not matter what the occasion may be, each of the children should get equal attention and gifts of their choice; the choice of one child should not be imposed on the other one.
  3. It is better for parents to let children work out differences as taking sides only makes things worse. But when in doubt or expecting a fight, intervene. At times, parents are best playing the role of an amateur psychologist than taking things in a police mode.
  4. Always remember that the job of a responsible and caring parent is to protect his children, even from one another.

If you still experience your children getting into sibling rivalry, try giving them more of your quality time and motivate them to do things together so that a bond is sooner-or-later created between the two. Remember, parenthood brings responsibility and you just cannot shy away from it. The best way to perform this responsibility is to enjoy it with a sense of caution.

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