Raising Your Child

Posted by Sara | Raising Your Child | Saturday 13 February 2010 8:25 am
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Raising Your ChildRaising a child in the best way is not that easy. Before deciding to become a parent, we need to realize that kids are innocent, but they are also completely dependent and emotionally needy it’s the parent’s liability to love and sacrifice for the child.

By following and remembering some few things, we can get great help to raise a high level of emotional aptitude in our children in a best way to ensure that they live a happy, successful, and responsible life as an adult.

Always keep in mind that your child studies you very closely and you should therefore prepare to be a role model for the behavior you want your child to imitate because they learn more from what they observe than what they’re told. So the best way to ensure your kids adopt good manners, habits and values is by adopting them yourself.

Know your child by spending quality time with them and show respect towards them if you constantly put your children down and compare him with other kids, they’ll develop low self-esteem and believe it’s good enough to treat others disrespectfully, including you. Love unconditionally, celebrate your children’s successes, and accept their limitations. It’s not required to always fulfill their demands saying no will give your kids an opportunity to deal with disappointment, and help them to control their desires.

Let your children speak their minds know you respect their views even if you disagree with them offer constructive advice, not harsh criticism.

We learn best while we’re happy, even though parenting is a serious job.

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