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Raising Your Child – It is all about care and respect

Posted by Sara | Raising Your Child | Saturday 14 November 2009 4:56 am
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Raising Your Child - It is all about care and respectYou may feel surprised to see the word ‘respect’ in context to your children but the truth is that unless you respect your children and elders before your children, you cannot expect them to do the same for you and others. Remember, a child gets the first lessons from his or her own family and if the lessons are wrong or misleading, he or she is bound to learn the wrong lessons and he or she cannot be blamed for these wrong learning.

One of the biggest mistakes most parents do is ignoring the care part from parenthood. The young minds are soft and need to be handled with very high standards of care and patience. While a right advice communicated to the child in harsh words may sound unpleasing or bad to him, an advice with calm and composed words and minds can easily do the trick.

If you can observe a high sense of care and respect your child in his or her childhood or teenage years, you can be sure of the same treatment in your later years.

Never abuse your child, even if he or she is wrong. Talk to them in a calm voice and try to find out what was the reason behind their acts. Allow your children to speak their mind so that they feel comfortable sharing their joys, fears, and everything with you. If your child is trying to seek some attention or advice from you, do not neglect the attention or advice he is seeking. Do not force a decision; communicate it in the best manner with clear words so that the essence of your advice is grabbed just like what you want.

Remember, raising your child is all about care and respect!

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