Motivating the Young Minds

Posted by Sara | Raising Your Child | Thursday 25 February 2010 1:22 am
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Motivating the Young Minds

To motivate a child, it is important for parents to first develop the feeling among the child about how important he or she is for them. Moreover, parents must make their children feel good about themselves and about what is expected from them in terms of social behavior and personal grooming.

Best Advice

It is important for parents to let their children develop and continue their interest in what they prefer doing by offering them small rewards such as some chocolates or may be a trip to a park or a mall. These small rewards should happen only when the child is able to complete the desired job. Parents can also motivate children to finish their educational tasks on time so that you all can on the weekends.

At times a child lacks motivation because he or she hasn’t yet been exposed to what might be a life passion for him. So expose him to new ideas and areas so that he or she can explore and find his or her strengths and help the child in staying focused on the same. Make the children learn to schedule their time in a better manner so that they can concentrate on everything. For example, if he or she is not able to do his studies on time due to incorrect time plans, he or she may find it difficult to devote time on recreational activities like playing or music that may further erode the interest.

Encourage your child to express his opinion, talk about his feelings and give him the opportunity to take decisions. As a parent, help them to keep the positive attitude for no matter what the result is. Talk to them about everything important to them in a friendly manner and more when things start going wrong for them. In addition to that, offer your advice on what could be the best thing to do in such situations. Last but not the least, celebrate their achievements and praise them even if they are not that big.

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