Life quality among children on a decline

Posted by Sara | Raising Your Child | Monday 28 June 2010 4:59 am
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Life quality among children on a declineAccording to a new analysis of children’s well-being that was released recently, about 21 percent of children in the United States will be living under the line of poverty in 2010, which would be the highest rate in 20 years.

Kenneth Land, project coordinator and professor of sociology and demography at Duke University, said that economic well-being of families has plummeted to near 1975 levels.

From Edition.cnn.com:

The Child and Youth Well-Being Index Project at Duke University bases its predictions on 28 indicators of well-being that encompass economic well-being, safe and risky behavior, social relationships, emotional and spiritual well-being, community engagement, educational attainment and health. Researchers predict that although the index is at a low for the decade this year, it will start edging up.

“There are lots of kids out there whose quality of life has already and will decline as a result of the impact of this recession,” Land said.

About 15.6 million children are estimated to be living in poverty this year, but study authors say this number will start going down.

This year, as many as 500,000 children may be homeless in the United States, according to the report.

The report, however, revealed that health insurance coverage for children will not significantly fall. This study was funded by the private philanthropy Foundation for Child Development.

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