Do’s and Don’ts – Raising Your Child

Posted by Sara | Raising Your Child | Saturday 19 December 2009 4:35 am
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Do's and Don’ts - Raising Your ChildMost parents, in today’s world, do not have enough quality time to spend with their children. The reason may be as genuine as busy work schedules and as stupid as social networking, but the truth is that more and more children are living in this world on their own.

Here are some do’s and some don’ts while raising your child.


  1. Always try to be a friend of your child rather than just a parent
  2. Understand the real needs of your child
  3. Respect your elders and child and your children will respect you
  4. Help your child learn different activities like swimming, horse riding, and games besides education
  5. Encourage him to take decisions on his own
  6. If he is wrong, let him know why he was wrong and how things could have been avoided
  7. Talk calmly and hear his views and reasons of an act before playing the blame game
  8. Always appreciate a good act
  9. Do not discourage him when he is wrong
  10. Do not teach short-cuts, which are unethical, to your child
  11. Never abuse your child: physically, mentally, or socially
  12. Do not nourish bad habits in your children assuming that to be cuteness or a matter of time
  13. Do not force your decision or lifestyle
  14. Never appreciate his wrong deeds
  15. Do not laugh at his wrong doings, ailments, or weaknesses
  16. Never compare your child with any one, each child is special


These small yet meaningful tips can make all the difference when it comes to raising your child.

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