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Demanding Child Behavior – How to handle?

Posted by Sara | Raising Your Child | Monday 16 November 2009 6:20 am
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Demanding Child Behavior – How to handle?If you, as a parent, are fulfilling your child’s “unreasonable” demands and hoping that they will change with the passing time, you need to think twice. This is because you are not helping yourself and your child by granting approval when the words should have been very straight and clear. The word “no” should not be missing from a parent’s dictionary when it comes to demands of the child. This is because the young minds are not aware of the complications surrounding a demand and take reckless decisions. As mature adults, it is the responsibility of the parents to show the right direction to the child. Though this may upset the child for a small time, the benefits are great in the short and the long run. Moreover, your child will love you for the great piece of advice to him or her in a calm voice when he or she will see the peers struggling and blaming their parents for ruining their life when a no could have done the trick.

The best way: If you want to raise your child with the highest morals and ethics, do remember to teach him or her task of differentiation between the good and the bad. Aggressiveness is something that must be curbed at an early stage else that may lead to frequent fights, superiority or inferiority complex, and depression at a later stage. Never tell the right thing to your child with a harsh tone, be calm and explain the situation and the best way out to your child so that he or she may know why he or she should be doing an act in the way you want the child to follow.

Never compare your child with others. Remember, each child is different and must be treated differently. Do take out some quality time to spend with your family, especially your children so that they can be free to have a word with you and their future wrongdoings may be corrected to right acts with your able guidance.

Follow these small tips and raising your child will never be a cause of concern for you again.

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