Commercial Refrigeration Parts

Posted by Sara | Online Shopping | Thursday 4 February 2016 4:25 am

As any restaurant owner knows, the cost of replacing a walk-in cooler far exceeds the purchase of a new refrigerator. From having to remove the old unit, installing the new cooler, and replacing wires and walls, the expense can sometimes skyrocket to thousands of dollars more than the value of the initial purchase. Sometimes, the only option is to repair the cooler and that can also be costly.

Commercial Refrigeration Parts

Simple Repairs

If the damage is superficial like door latches that do not close or busted light fixtures, then the best course of action would be to fix those repairs DIY style. There are a lot of sites online that sell commercial refrigeration parts at discount prices and can have the replacement parts delivered within a few days. Before ordering the parts though, it is best to understand the exact make and model of the walk-in cooler and have that information on hand when searching. With just a few simple tools, it becomes real easy to replace safety door latches, walk-in door hinges, and cooler light fixtures in just a few minutes.

More Complicated Repairs

While most restaurant equipment sites do sell parts for pressure relief ports and freezer door heater wire, it is not a good idea to replace these parts without a working knowledge of electrical repair. At best, you can end up causing more harm to the walk-in cooler, and, at worst, you can end up harming yourself in the process of trying to save money. For these types of repairs, it is best to hire a professional to fix the refrigerator. While this might seem expensive, the cost of a repair will still be dramatically less than replacing the entire walk-in cooler.

Replacing the Walk-in Cooler

If after getting an estimate and fixing things yourself, you find out that you have no choice but to replace the cooler then the best course of action would be to buy a used unit over a brand new one. The sad fact is a lot of restaurants go out of business on a regular basis and these businesses ended up having to auction off their old equipment to pay debts. Going to one of these auctions and bidding on a used unit will save a lot of money compared to a new walk-in cooler. Even with the cost of installation and hauling the unit to your restaurant, the final expense, while cheaper than a new one, will still be a lot more than simply repairing the old cooler.


Benefits Of Corporate Gift Buying

Posted by Sara | Online Shopping | Tuesday 27 October 2015 10:22 am

corporate gifts

Believe it or not, the impressions consumers have of a business extend well beyond the quantity and quality of products or service the firm offers. Brand image is still one of the most determining factors that influence decision-making of consumers. Therefore, it is important for every business owner to realize the significance of evoking the emotions and associations of the consumers with the brand and what better way than promotional products and corporate gifts!

It is no surprise that every one of us wants to feel special and react positively when showered with a gift as a token of appreciation. The same holds true for every consumer in this world and this is the reason why business owners have been investing on promotional products to create and nurture a positive brand image.

Promotional products have the uncanny ability to portray a more positive overall image and perception of the business in the eyes of consumers. Furthermore, consumers are more likely to recommend and patronize a business from which they have received a promotional product. If that was not all, an offer of a promotional product incentive with a sales letter has the ability to increase referrals more than a sales letter alone. Also, these products work well as incentives to solicit referrals from consumers and offer further advertising value and goodwill inherent in their nature. All in all, a promotional gift helps get the advertising message out to multiple people and not just the one recipient.

If you’re looking for the perfect corporate gift, it is time to visit Singapore customized gifts. You can access a wide range of lanyard, bags, travel accessories, stationery, lifestyle products, t-shirts, and other corporate gifts here. Moreover, you can easily buy corporate gifts at competitive prices without compromising on quality of the promotional products and corporate gifts.

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Benefits Of Premium Badge Clips, Reels, And Holders

Posted by Sara | Online Shopping | Saturday 20 June 2015 4:54 am

If you are running a small or big company, premium badge reels, holders, and clips are wonderful ways for customizing and displaying the assets of your brand (like symbols, logo, tagline, or other artwork) in an affordable and effective way.

Badge Holders

A badge holder is the armor that protects identity card from deterioration and detriment and even potential electronic theft. Badge holders can be used for highlighting identification of employees and maintaining the prominence of identity cards wherever its wearer may be. It is important to note here that a badge holder can prove to be great worth to lengthen the lifetime of an identity card. However, choosing the perfect badge holder could be a difficult decision to make as you can find them in different colors, styles, cases, and security levels.

Badge Reels

badge reels

A badge reel is a good way to ensure that employees use their identity cards. An alternative to lanyards, badge reels help employees to remember their identity cards. It is no surprise to know that ID cards will last much longer as they are not in a purse or wallet where they may rub against other cards. Another benefit of badge reels is that logo of the brand printed on them helps in brand promotion. In other words, badge reels are easy access tools to carry and swipe ID cards while displaying credentials of employees at all times. These compact reels can even hold ID cards and keys. The badge reels can clipped either directly to a belt with a flat clip or used via a belt loop by using a metal loop or hook style clip.

How To Buy Badge Clips, Holders, And Reels?

If you are looking to buy badge accessories, it is best to make a quick search online. This will help you find the best manufacturers and sellers of badge reels, badge holders, and badge clips. Not only this, you can even get free or reduced shipping and get them delivered at any specified address in a short time.

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Fall Protection Equipments-Employee Safety Products

Posted by Sara | Online Shopping | Friday 17 April 2015 6:14 am

If you are working as a professional lineman and want top safety at your side, it is time that you read more about the benefits of DBI Sala harness. This harness offers complete comfort, durability, and function and has strategically placed padding with technologically advanced hardware.

Fall Protection Equipments-Employee Safety Products

One of the biggest advantages of DBI Sala harnesses is that they provide fast, non-slipping connections. Moreover, its design ensures easy, safe, and fast connections to fall arrest systems. Not only this, this harness allows you to free climb poles and work around obstructions like equipments, vines, multiple conductors, and other natural obstructions while maintaining 100% fall protection.

The list of benefits associated with this Sala harness does not end here. Its non-slip, cushioned shoulder pads easily relieve pressure and have the ability to absorb shock and help distribute weight in a fall. Offering easy adjustments and improved durability, the DBI Sala harness is characterized by unmatched levels of abrasion resistance and water repellency. With first-of-its-kind features and benefits, this harness surely provides the highest level of utmost comfort and safety.

The best thing is that you can now easily and quickly buy amazing DBI Sala harness, excellent fall protection equipment, with just a few clicks. It is highly recommended that you carefully read and understand all features of the product to make an informed decision. You should preferably compare similar products and services offered by different sellers and online portals to get the best deals on harnesses.

Once you have satisfied yourself with fall protection products, it is suggested that you also take a look at terms and conditions associated with the purchase, reship, refund, order cancelation policies so that your entire shopping experience is delighting to say the least. Furthermore, you should also access online forums, reviews, feedback, testimonials, etc. regarding the product(s) and the seller (or portal) to find the real truths associated.

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Mystery Shopping Solutions At A Glance

Posted by Brad Duchaine | Online Shopping | Thursday 16 April 2015 8:49 am

If you are looking for a powerful research tool to legitimize mystery shopping to turn cash registers into big revenue sources, it is highly recommended that you seek the assistance of mystery shopping companies.

Mystery Shopping Solutions At A Glance

What Are Mystery Shopping Companies?

Mystery shopping companies conducts tens of thousands of shops every month with mystery shoppers in more than 10,000 cities and towns in countries like the United States, Canada, and even Europe. These companies highlight the very behaviors and attributes (already proven) for driving customer delight through behaviors-based shops.

A mystery shopping company allows its clients to boost sales by offering extensive mystery shopper training. In other words, employees of a business beforehand before mystery shoppers make a visit to their locations or make calls to purchase products.

What To Expect From Mystery Shopping Companies?

A mystery shopping company will help your business align complete focus on improving before and after-sales experiences of customers. This will eventually help in higher sales via increased count of customer visits. In addition to this, business owners and managers can find out whether or not the customers are getting superior customer services on a consistent basis at every location and if there are any gaps in training needs for future improvements.

Not only this, companies with experience in mystery shopping can enhance suggestive selling and offer information in a precise format to customers. This proves extremely beneficial to increase count of items purchased per customer visit. The list of benefits associated with these companies does not end here. They even assist in ensuring complete compliance with legal requirements so that you can avoid legal issues and maintain a positive brand image. Furthermore, Mystery shopping companies would partner with you for formulating and executing a specific program so that your business can reap the innumerable benefits of using state-of-the-art technologies and improving sales & profits through proven mystery shop methodologies.

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How To Buy Cheap LED Headlamps Online?

Posted by Brad Duchaine | Online Shopping | Tuesday 6 January 2015 8:26 am

If you are an outdoor enthusiast and want to engage yourself in hiking, fishing, hunting, running, biking, camping, kayaking, or walking the dog at night, a cheap light-emitting diode (LED) headlamp is just the perfect thing for you.

how to buy cheap LED headlamps online

Headlamps are flashlights that offer unmatched comfort and convenience of hand-free operations. They can be strapped on the head or even clipped on the hat brim to read a book in the sleeping bag or drive tent stakes in the dark or tie knots when night fishing and for many other reasons.

One of the biggest advantages associated with headlamps is that you are able to keep both your hands free while the light is getting directed with the head. This benefit can prove to be utmost importance when you have to face unexpected challenges like power outages, broken vehicles, search-and-rescue scenarios, or nighttime medical emergencies.

For this, it is best to buy LED headlamps that provide longer battery run-times. Not only this, an LED headlamp is an excellent source of brighter, sustained light that even makes less use of battery power than a regular old flashlight. It is worthwhile to note here that high-quality yet cheap LED headlamps can offer more than 600 hours of light from just one set of regular AA or AAA batteries.

If you want to buy a cheap LED headlamp, it is best to buy Zoomable LED Headlights or the affordable Outdoor LED Flashlights. The best place would be the Internet, where you can access a wide range of LED headlamps and flashlights without putting any burden on your limited budget. The best part is that you can avail great discounts and discounted deals to earn more value from your hard-earned money. Just make sure that you select the right headlight or flashlight according to your requirements. Once that has been done, there is no looking back and stopping you from indulging in your favorite outdoor acts.

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Online Shopping Tips-How To Safely Shop On The Internet

Posted by Sara | Online Shopping | Tuesday 18 June 2013 12:36 am

In the last few years, online shopping has become a preferred activity for the savvy shoppers. However, fraudsters are always on the lookout for taking advantage of online shoppers prone to making novice errors. While these errors can range from shopping on websites that are not secure to giving out too much personal or financial information, or leaving computers open to viruses and malware.

Online Shopping Tips-How To Safely Shop On The Internet

If you are planning to buy online, here are some tips that can safeguard your online activities to a great extent.

The first and foremost thing for you to remember is that it is best to avoid websites with poor design, a strange web address, and multiple pop-up windows. Also, an online business that send emails asking for follow-up financial information is best avoided. The point to be conveyed is that you should not easily trust a website just because it is there, and your selection should be based on merits (time for how long the website is around, how does it treat its customers, what are the reviews for the business like, how do customers rate its products, delivery, and customer support).

It is also recommended that you ensure that the anti-virus software of your computer is up-to-date. Moreover, you can secure your financial information by taking advantage of a feature, automatic identity theft protection, which comes with many credit cards. In addition to this, it is important for you to have different and difficult passwords for retailers, banks, and accounts and the same should not be disclosed to anyone. You should also avoid the bad idea to use a public computer to make purchases as you can unknowingly give an over-the-shoulder snooper plenty of time to see the purchases and even access your personal and/or financial information. Simple passwords that are easy to guess are a strict no-no. It is also recommended that you start at a trusted site rather than shopping with a search engine. Also, never buy anything online using your credit card from a site that doesn’t have SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption installed.

Furthermore, you should always read the cookies policies of a website and how it treats your financial information to stay away while shopping online for products and services.

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EBay Results Top Estimates

Posted by Sara | Online Shopping | Thursday 19 January 2012 10:47 pm

EBay Results Top EstimatesA higher-than-expected quarterly profit on solid growth in its online marketplaces and an increase in transactions processed through its PayPal electronic payments business was reported by EBay Inc.

The shares of the e-commerce company were up nearly 2 percent in after-hours trading, even though the company offered a cautious outlook for first-quarter profit and revenue.

EBay reported fourth-quarter net income of $2 billion, or $1.51 a share, compared with $559 million, or 42 cents a share, a year earlier. The company forecast first-quarter profit of 50 cents or 51 cents a share and revenue of $3.05 billion to $3.15 billion and added profit for 2012 will be $2.25 to $2.30 a share and revenue will be $13.7 billion to $14 billion.

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How to collect antique glassware

Posted by Sara | Online Shopping,Video | Friday 3 December 2010 6:13 am

In this YouTube video on collecting glassware, an expert reveal tips on how an antique collector can find discontinued cookie jars from the past in easy ways. This video is a good piece of knowledge for all those admirers of antiques and collectibles who want to stay close to antique collection tips.

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Fresh guidelines on credit cards issued by RBI

Posted by Sara | Online Shopping,Opinion | Thursday 5 August 2010 12:02 am

Fresh guidelines on credit cards issued by RBIBanks and financial institutions have been warned by the RBI to strictly follow its fresh guidelines on credit cards. These guidelines have been issued for creating and maintaining charging interest rates and levying other fees on customers and any contravention can invite penal action.

An RBI circular said that all banks and financial institutions are advised to strictly adhere to the guidelines, both in letter and spirit.

From Economictimes.indiatimes.com:

Besides, complaints like charging annual fee on what were being offered as free cards, issuance of loans over phone, disputes over wrong billing, difficulty in accessing the credit card issuers and poor response from the call centres, it said.

Giving detailed guidelines for credit card operations, the RBI had earlier asked the banks to declare upfront the interest rate, various charges and the methodology of calculation of finance charges with illustrative examples.

As per an RBI circular issued in 2007, card companies should prescribe a ceiling rate of interest, including processing and other charges in case of small value personal loans and loans similar in nature.

There should be transparency in levying differential interest rates, it had said, adding, the banks should publicise through their website and other means, the interest rates charged to various categories of customers.

The circular also advised banks to indicate to the credit card holder upfront, the methodology of calculation of finance charges with illustrative examples, particularly in situations where only a part of the amount outstanding is paid by the customer.

These fresh directives have been issued by the RBI in response to numerous complaints by holders of credit cards, particularly with regard to excessive finance charges and issuance of unsolicited cards.

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Online Shopping on a high after recession

Posted by Sara | Online Presence,Online Shopping | Monday 21 June 2010 6:30 am

Online Shopping on a high after recessionAccording to the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index, online shopping reached its highest growth since June 2008. This massive boost is attributed to the warm weather and the World Cup.

IMRG spokeswoman Tina Spooner said the e-retail market in the United Kingdom has grown 14 percent that is in line with predictions for the year.

From Thescotsman.scotsman.com:

The index shows a 3 per cent sales increase in May, compared to April this year.

Preparations for the World Cup appear to have played their part, with alcohol sales up 23 per cent compared to last year and electrical goods up 13 per cent.

Online clothing sales rose in May, up 32 per cent compared to last year, fuelled by sportswear buying and warmer weather.

Capgemini spokesman Chris Webster said: “Throughout the history of the index we have seen a noticeable rise in sales of certain goods whenever there is a major sports tournament on.

“This year’s World Cup is no exception, with online retail as a whole growing by the highest level in two years and sectors such as clothing, alcohol and electricals rising rapidly.

E–retailers have already started to benefit from an increase in consumer spending as consumers are now confident of the economy as recession is now almost over.

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Toy Story 3 could spur summer sales for Hollywood

Posted by Sara | Online Shopping,Opinion | Thursday 17 June 2010 3:43 am

Toy Story 3 could spur summer sales for HollywoodBig-budget disappointments and the lack of a single blockbuster comedy has put off grumpy moviegoers, a truth which is evident from the fact that Memorial Day weekend attendance was the lowest since 1993.

Sony’s remake of “The Karate Kid” surprised many with collections of $56 million in North America over the last few days and Toy Story 3 is expected to help cash counters go ringing.

From Economictimes.indiatimes.com:

Kevin Goetz, chief executive of Screen Engine, a marketing and research consulting firm that specializes in entertainment, says viewers increasingly reserve their ticket purchases for pictures that promise something truly special, whether that means amazing visual effects or extraordinary reviews.

“If you don’t have a product that delivers in a unique and powerful way, then certainly the messaging has to do that,” Mr. Goetz said.

A variety of other factors may be holding back the box office, including blowback from consumers over higher ticket prices. Perversely, the improving economy may have taken the edge off ticket sales that were buoyed last year, when filmgoers sought a relatively cheap diversion from financial woes.

But the primary reason is most likely ho-hum movies. In the last few weeks, Hollywood’s offerings have lacked luster. “Sex and the City 2” got some of the worst reviews in memory for Warner Brothers, while “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” from Walt Disney was received with a collective shrug.

Dennis Rice, a marketing consultant who previously ran Disney’s publicity operation, said it is all about changing the mood in context of the entertainment business.

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How should you keep your Bank Account Credit Cards and Other financial Information secure

Posted by Sara | Online Shopping,Opinion | Monday 12 April 2010 4:24 am

How should you keep your Bank Account, Credit Cards, and Other financial Information secureIntroduction of online facilities such as Online shopping and Internet banking surely have simplified things besides adding to the comfort and convenience of people. However, things are not as safe as their appear in the first place as the World Wide Web is full of individuals trying to steal critical information for mischievous purposes. Read on!

Online shopping and Internet Banking are quite popular with consumers of today. This is also the reason why hackers target them to gain easy money through fraud and identity theft. Though illegal, computer hacking does exist and you are surely fooling yourself if you think that you cannot be a victim of hacking.

Believe it or not, hacking is a universal concept and no PC in this world is an exception. It does not matter if you are rich or average your critical info can still be hacked as hackers do not make discrimination though they obviously prefer the rich. There are ways to guard your PC and information from getting hacked, especially if you make use of shared PCs.

Remember, things can be made easier and safe by following some easy and effective tips. Let us read about some good tips to keep your bank account, credit cards, and other financial information secure from all types of hacking activities.

  • Buy only from trusted retailers and do not forget to verify authenticity of the retailer by visiting online forums and sites such as PissedConsumer.com
    Never choose to save your card number, CVV, or other info while transacting on the web

    Do not shop from shared PCs. The risk of getting hacked is extremely high, to say the least

    Do not share your passwords and keep them tough to crack. This means that while a password such as “@125%45555$998*” can be termed as good, a password such as “123456789” is easy for the hackers to crack

    Make sure that the checkout page where you are about to enter your payment or personal information has an “s” after the “http” in the address page. This means that a checkout page with the address “https://www.abc.com/” is more reliable and safe than “http//www.abc.com/” If you are using Mozilla Firefox as your Internet browser, the secure site status will also be reaffirmed in green just before https://www.abc.com/, for example: How should you keep your Bank Account, Credit Cards, and Other financial Information secure

    Do make sure that the payment is made before you and the card is not swiped more than once while using your ATM, debit, or credit cards to make payment for groceries

    It is always recommended to spend quality time analyzing your credit card or bank statement

    Make use of a good (preferable paid) antivirus and activate Firewall. Also, allow your PC to install critical update patches from MicrosoftNever click on an email or attachment from an unknown source

    Do not submit your personal or payment information to emails suggesting that they have originated from your bank or card issuing authority and redirecting you to other site

    In case you lose your card, report the loss immediately to the issuing authority besides lodging a formal complaint with the law authorities

    If your card has expired, destroy it in the best possible manner. This can be done by cutting it in half through the magnetic strip

    Remember that the onus of creating and maintaining high standards of data privacy lies solely with you and it is always better to follow safety in the first place itself rather than trying to comply with the safety standards it after being made a victim of fraud or identity theft.

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    Prevent Hacking Attacks on your PC

    Posted by Sara | Online Presence,Online Shopping | Wednesday 24 March 2010 8:38 am

    prevent hacking attacks on your pcCreating and maintaining high safety standards of critical data are concerns for almost all of us, especially followers of online shopping and online banking. In this blog, we would be reading about some easy yet effective ways on how to prevent hacking attacks on PCs. Read on!

    In today’s web-dominated world, almost every one of us makes use of PC and Internet to reduce time and efforts and staying close to comfort and convenience. Things are easy and safe till the time we come to know that critical information stored on the PC has been hacked. Things can be restored but it is always better to play it safe from the start itself. Let us read about computer hacking and find some easy ways to protect your privacy and data.

    Before we start reading about ways to prevent hacking, let us read about computer hacking so that all of us can be on the same knowledge platform.

    Computer hacking is all about manipulating vulnerabilities of a computer by a hacker with an aim to invade privacy or steal or modify information. Most of us think that PCs at homes are safe but that is far from being true. Hacking can happen to any PC in this world and your PC is no exception.

    Let us now read about good ways to prevent hacking at the first place.

    Tips to prevent Computer Hacking

    1. Install a good paid antivirus. You can install a free version to check its reliability but paid version has improved tools to prevent hacking and is therefore recommended. Moreover, update the antivirus on a daily basis and scan the PC, at least once a week

    2. Turn ON the Firewall and allow your PC to install all critical patches from Microsoft by activating Automatic Updates and Windows Firewall found under Control Panel-Security Center.

    3. Turn off sharing all your drives, especially where program files are usually stored, the C: / drive.

    4. Delete temporary internet files. Enter PREFETCH in the RUN box and delete by pressing SHIFT+DEL. Follow the same deletion process by typing %TEMP%, also type TEMP in the RUN box after clearing prefetch and %TEMP%. Go to start, type run, and type (prefetch, %temp%, and temp, one by one).

    5. Go to Control panel-Performance and Maintenance-System-Remote and UNCHECK the box “Allow remote invitations to be sent from this computer”, apply and then press OK. This will prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access on your PC.

    6. Always scan a USB drive, floppy, attachment, and CD before opening its contents. This may take some time but it is always better to be safe

    7. Block pop-ups and do not click on misleading advertisements

    8. Never clicks on URLs that redirect you to other sites, especially those mischievously claiming to be from your bank or card issuing authority

    9. Do not disclose personal information by responding to emails suggesting that you just won a prize or lottery. If you have not participated, how come you won it? It is that simple

    10. Do not click or open emails or attachments from unknown persons

    11. Never install Kazaa, Napster, or new software from an unknown source

      Follow these simple tips and you can easily protect your PC and critical information from getting hacked.

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