Website Promotion via Directory Submissions

Posted by Sara | Marketing | Friday 9 April 2010 4:12 am
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Website Promotion via Directory Submissions

The growing number of businesses going online and evolving search engine algorithms is making it difficult for success-oriented businesses to attain and retain search engine rankings. However, things are not as difficult as perceived and top search engine results are very much attainable with some highly effective marketing tips guiding website promotion via directory submissions. Let us read about them to develop a clear insight.

Before we start reading this blog, it is important for us to know that search engines such as Google and MSN tend to prefer those websites that boast of a large number of quality and one-way links pointing to them. This means that an online business cannot expect much benefits coming its way by opting for links with every other site or opt for reciprocal link partnerships. Therefore, it is best for modern-day web sites to find an easy way out to counter this situation and this is exactly where Directory Submissions come into the picture.

The fact that directory submissions are popular and easy to post a link upon means that success is almost guaranteed with them. Moreover, quality directories are given importance and authority by search engine spiders and if your site can have links pointing to it thanks to these directories, half of the job is already done before you even realizing it. However, some points must be remembered before initiating the process of directory submissions. Submissions should be made on quality directories and not on every directory coming your way. Moreover, submissions should look like made by a human. This means that they should be done by a human and must limit to 5-15 submissions per day and not 1000 per day.

If you can follow these easy-to-follow and rewarding tips, your web site can gain a big leap for website promotion via directory submissions in a short span of time.

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