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Using Email Marketing Online

Posted by Sara | Marketing | Tuesday 24 June 2014 3:45 am
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When businesses want to improve the traffic to their website, they need to use email marketing for 1ShoppingCart or other online merchant houses. The marketing for a website is what brings in new readers. Customers cannot find a website on their own and a short email that markets the business to new leads will change the amount of traffic coming to the business.

Using Email Marketing Online

New Leads

Finding new leads is something that should be done by every new business, and they can use email to make sure they are connecting with new customers. Customers may not read the first email, but a persistent email campaign can make it easy for the customer to eventually gain interest in the site.


When emails offer deals to the customers, the conversion rate for the customers is going to rise. Everyone likes to save some money, and they can enjoy those savings with a coupon that was embedded in an email. Businesses do not have to offer deals that are too good, but they can offer something simple to help entice new customers. The customers will not always get a good deal, but they will get started as a loyal customer of the business.


A persistent email campaign does not always have to use many emails to get the attention of a customer. Customers are less likely to send these emails to their junk folder if the emails are well composed. The composition of the email helps the customer respect the business, and the artwork in the email may be enough to help the customer visit the business.

Sending an email once a month is more than enough to show customers that they are valued by the business. Sending these emails too much can turn customers off to the business as they get the impression that the spam will never stop.

When customers are being recruited for the business, emails must be used to make sure that the customers are always in the loop. A new deal or new product is something that the customer can be informed of in the email, and they will eventually come around during the email campaign.

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