Three Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Use In 2015

Posted by Brad Duchaine | Marketing | Saturday 28 February 2015 5:51 am
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As 2015 gains momentum, more and more businesses are striving to exceed the conversion rates they attained the previous year. If this is your professional objective, you should know that utilizing sound digital marketing principles can help you accomplish your goal. To get your conversion rates rising like you want them to, be sure to make use of these three strategies:

Three Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Use In 2015

1. Use One Digital Marketing Company For All Services.

One of the problems that many business owners run into when they start to use digital marketing strategies is that they use too many companies for different tasks. In some cases, a business might hire one company to handle their web design, another company to implement their social media marketing campaign, and a third company to cover their search engine optimization strategic plan. This makes the digital marketing process too complex. Instead of hiring multiple companies to complete various tasks, consider the value of using just one company to handle all of your needs. For example, a digital agency like Solid Cactus can implement call center services, web design and development strategies, email marketing services, social media optimization, and comparison shopping management for you.

2. Use Share Buttons On Your Blog.

As 2015 gains momentum, more and more business owners are recognizing the power of Share Buttons. With Share Buttons, visitors who come to your blog can share your posts with everyone in their social networks with a simple click of the button. This way, information about your brand can be broadcasted to hundreds and even thousands of people in a matter of moments. Thus Share Buttons are a great way for you to enlist your audience to advertise on your behalf.

3. Invest In Infographics.

Now as always, content is king in the world of digital marketing. However, what makes content worth reading to online audiences has changed. These days, more and more readers are looking for content that can be quickly scanned in order to extract the specific piece of information they want from it. In the past, the use of textual elements like bullets and numbered lists was an effective way to make content scannable. Now, however, infographics are a much more exciting and informative option. Infographics are colorful images that display statistical data and interesting facts about specific topics. By including them in your content, you can attract and retain the attention of your target market.


Business owners who are ready to experience ongoing growth and a stronger online presence in 2015 should note that sound digital marketing is the key to success. By using some or all of the online advertising techniques discussed above, you will likely find that your business attains the type of mind-blowing conversion rates you’ve been seeking.

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