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The Changed and brave world of Online Marketing

Posted by Sara | Marketing | Thursday 26 August 2010 5:42 am
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The Changed and brave world of Online MarketingThe world of online marketing is on a changing spree these days. Consumers are empowering themselves to make informed decisions, thanks to social media.

Thoughts are shared, debated, and dissected all over the world before a decision is being taken. The online platform has been helping consumers to make choices on the global experience of a product. Times are changing and for the better for consumers.

From Economictimes.indiatimes.com:

What has changed?

To begin with, the source of control is shifting dramatically. It is moving more rapidly to the consumer. The internet is quite like swapping stories around a campfire, only fizzier and better. A recent study of 475 active online consumers revealed that 91% of consumers rely on the Web to get current news or information and about 60% personalise their home pages by adding features like specific content feeds or RSS. Nearly 70% of these consumers read blogs regularly and about 67% regularly watch videos online. The fact is that the internet promises and delivers the fizziest array of entertainment and the most intense amount of information on any subject, with a degree of informality that represents true freedom and liberation for the consumer.

And not just that. Today, considering that the young consumers are becoming increasingly immune to clichéd prime-time television advertising and prefer to spend intimate, one-to-one time with their PCs, truly makes the internet the ‘hottest real estate’. The global economy has also made the notion of personal intellectual space a reality. And while we still lounge with the Sunday paper, the almost second-by-second frenzied analysis of relationship status on Facebook profiles faces us as a stark truth.

It has, therefore, become important for brands to come out of their comfort zones and stand the test of scrutiny based on buzz, opinion polls, and evaluations.

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