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Text Message Marketing Services-Extending Reach Of Businesses

Posted by Sara | Marketing | Thursday 29 August 2013 9:45 am
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In today’s cutthroat marketplace, it is important for every business to extend its reach to the customers at the lowest price possible. Moreover, this reach should be effective enough to help the business justify its existence and reason of continuity–profits in the short as well as the long run. This is exactly where text message marketing comes into the picture.

Text Message Marketing Services-Extending Reach Of Businesses

One of the biggest advantages of text message marketing solutions is that statistics demonstrate that almost 97 percent of text messages are read as compared to 10-12 percent of Facebook posts and 20-25 percent of emails. The best thing is that text messages are usually read within 10-60 seconds of the receipt, which means that promotional message reaches the intended recipients in a few seconds. Since text marketing involves use of very few words though highly appealing and impactful, their use is what is driving the global economy in the recession-hit marketplace of today.

If that was not all, you as a business owner would be glad to know that mobile coupons are 10-15 times more likely to be redeemed as compared to traditional coupons. With more than 320 million wireless subscribers in the United States alone and text marketing one of the largest mobile marketing channels, there is everything to gain and nothing to lose from a business’s perspective when it comes to making profits.

The best thing is that accessing this extremely profit-making tool called text message marketing can be availed by even small businesses. By contacting a reputed provider of these services like text message marketing service from Club Texting, a business owner can give a huge lift to the prospects of the business operated by and under him.

All in all, text message marketing is the future of marketing and if you avoid or delay in accepting this fact that is hugely and rightly supported by statistics, it is a loss for your business and a huge gain for your competitors.

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