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Link Building – Effective Marketing Form – Part 2

Posted by Sara | Marketing | Friday 26 February 2010 2:54 am
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Link Building - Effective Marketing Form – Part 2
In the first part of this two-part series, we read about how to start link building. In this last part, we would discuss link building in detail.

In order to get good links for link building, you must focus on your website appearance and appeal before looking for links. This means that your business website must be easy, relevant, interesting, regularly updated, and helps customers make informed decisions. If your website can encourage visitors to spend quality time while exploring pages, you can expect a good page rank and “appreciation” from the search engines. Moreover, the site should be designed and planned in such a way that customers find it beneficial to bookmark it and visit time-and-again. If there are free relevant downloads, useful articles, how-to guides, tools, tips, and product reviews, there is nothing better than that. This is simply because these invaluable “pieces of information” add to the overall quality of the site.

While building links to a website, it is highly important to note that links must be from sites that are related, in some way, with your target market. For example – If your business is of shoes then it is good to get links from businesses dealing in shoe accessories rather than opting for web links from businesses dealing in sweets or confectionary shops.

One thing that just cannot be ignored is that the number of links do not matter but the quality of links is all what matters. Moreover, the request for exchanging links should be specific and not generic in nature. It is best to send individual emails rather than sending them all at one go.

These small tips can go a long way in creating and maintaining an effective online presence via link building.

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