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Fundamentals of International Search Marketing

Posted by Sara | Marketing | Saturday 22 May 2010 3:18 am
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Fundamentals of International Search MarketingIn today’s competitive business environments, no business can consider itself as safe if it fails to emphasize on content. Since “content is king” and is the basic on which internet marketing tools such as SEO, SMO, and PPC shine, every business looking to make the best move in the market needs to concentrate on content uniqueness, relevance, quality, and appeal.

In addition to emphasizing upon content, it is always better to carefully select site keywords as while a right selection can bring visitors to the site, a bad selection can put a site a waste and burden on the business.

From Searchenginewatch.com:

1. Content is Key to SEO, PPC, SMO

While it isn’t at all original to say “content is king,” consider how things work in international search marketing. Every organization works diligently to reduce the costs of content. That isn’t surprising, because if a website is in the typical 20 languages, just making one relatively minor change to the website can incur some significant cost.

We must stress that content is at the heart of everything we do — and that also includes paid search and social media marketing. The most common cause of failure: allowing customers working in other languages to receive second best.

In international search, the product is the content, and the content is the product. The product or service drives the content on the website. Many companies would do well to “localize” their product or service — and not just the words describing it.

2. Keywords Can’t be Translated

Keywords are not “words.” This is why they can’t be translated and why translators aren’t the right people to choose them or associate them with content.

Keywords are actually abbreviated thoughts that are created within the framework and rules of a particular language. There is no one-to-one relationship or connection between keywords in different languages. Think of keywords as “language codes” that represent a particular category or concept just in that one language.

In short, content and keywords are two important factors that cannot be avoided or delayed by any profit-motivated business in times of today.

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