E-mail marketing: Savior of Many Small Businesses

Posted by Sara | Marketing | Friday 4 May 2012 11:16 pm
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In the hard economic times of today, it is difficult for a small business to retain its existing customers. At the same time, it is also necessary for it to give an equal importance to potential customers.

The reason is simple. During recession, people minimize their spending on products and services unless they belonged to the category of basic necessities. Because not all product vendors or service providers engage themselves in the production of basic necessities, they need to ensure that they earn profits good enough to help them run basic business operations, to say the least.

However, a small business can relieve itself from market and economic fluctuations by following a customer-oriented business approach. This means that it should give preferences to needs of its existing & potential customers rather than maximizing profits. A perfect equilibrium in such a case will be to work for creating and maintaining an effective online presence to ensure that customers don’t shift their loyalty.

The best way to get such equilibrium is by connecting online and offline customers through e-mail marketing. Email marketing is one of the most appealing and rewarding marketing options before a business in today’s hard, competitive times. It helps a business by creating a personalized, interactive environment between the buyers and sellers for mutual benefits. Each and every customer in this business world likes to be appreciated for its loyalty. If that were not true, loyalty schemes, discount coupons, customer success stories and testimonials would not have found any place in this business world. But this has not been the case and rightly so.

A small business can remind its customers who love its products and services that it is always there and ready for their business, both online & offline. E-mail marketing helps a business in this regard by stimulating purchases via direct promotions and simple reminders. It can even fill a store on otherwise slow business days. By sending e-mails with a subject line such as “Tell us what interests you” a small business can win customers in no time. Wake up your small business from a long sleep by saying yes to email Marketing.

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