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Famous Business Quotes

Posted by Sara | Business Quotes | Friday 5 February 2010 5:05 am
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Famous Business QuotesIf you are looking for famous business quotes and have met with no success, this blog can surely be of interest to you.

If you want to get refresh after a tiring day at the office, these famous business quotes from some of the most eminent names in the world of business and management would surely give be useful to you.

Marketing takes day to learn. Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master. – Philip Kotler

The mass market has split into ever-multiplying, ever-changing sets of micromarkets that demand a continually expanding range of options. – Alvin Toffler

For a business not to advertise is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but no one else does. – Stuart H. Britt

Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires. – Bo Bennett

But the business side of it, as with most creative things, there is no room for business. It is about art. It’s not about marketing. – Warren Cuccurullo

“Human nature has a tendency to admire complexity but reward simplicity.” Ben Huh

“Content is NOT king – seeding and promotion tactics of said content is king.” – Brian Chappell

“If the web is indeed a place, it is starting to look less like a library, and more like a river.” Peter Da Vanzo

“But they’re getting their ass handed to them by blogs. They, like companies in other industries embracing social software and principles, are beating the crap out of the later adopters.” Sam Lawrence

Everybody’s saturated with the marketing hype of next-generation consoles. They are wonderful, but the truth is that they are as powerful as a high end PC is right now. – John Carmack

Google actually relies on our users to help with our marketing. We have a very high percentage of our users who often tell others about our search engine. – Sergey Brin

I believe that music is connected by human passions and curiosities rather than by marketing strategies. – Elvis Costello

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