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Why Blogging rules the Business World?

Posted by Sara | Blogging | Tuesday 1 June 2010 1:12 am
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Bloggers’ spree!If you, as a business owner or online marketer, have been left been amazed by the power of blogging, especially corporate blogging, you must surely be reading this piece of information.

In today’s times, blogging has proved to be a savior of small businesses that have previously struggled to make a mark in terms of marketing due to their budgetary limitations, but not any more!

From Bloggersandmarketers.com:

Blogging has become one of the most prolific ways to divulge one’s thoughts today. This becomes evident from the fact that today it is considered to be one of the most popular tools of social marketing among not only individuals but corporates as well. This indeed has converted market places on the web to dynamic mediums of exchange rather than mere static junctions of information.

The opinions voiced by consumers itself becomes a tool of promoting the product,not to mention its impact on the community. One of the best examples in this regard is that of US Federal Trade commission which is considering to frame rules for bloggers to follow while working with marketers. This clearly shows how eminent has the relationship between bloggers and marketers become and how seriously is this being taken from the authorities.

With increasing number of PR firms heading towards hiring bloggers is another fine example, telling how important have marketers started considering this tool of promotion. So what is it that is making bloggers’ demand soar high among marketers? Well, to put it in simple words, it is the transparency of the content that one maintains in a blog that makes people, hover around for attention. Posts written for some sort of compensation also come with honest opinions for they know that anything less than that will not be entertained.

It is for these and many more reasons that blogging is ruling the world and will continue to do so in the times to come.

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