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Posted by Sara | Blogging | Wednesday 16 September 2009 1:21 am
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Get Blogging!Get Blogging’ is what we hear every person and organization hailing now a days. You could say it is the mantra of the season. But for how long will this season last is something we all need to know.

Well the kind of wings that blogging has rendered to its bloggers is something this world has never seen. The space to share one’s own thoughts and the freedom to voice one’s honest opinion has given people the opportunity to be the controllers of their own information. Market places today are no longer full of monotones bombarding their consumers with information unbound. They are junctions of dynamic interchange of free dialogue and honest opinions. This is the precise reason why web has suddenly become the hub of networking communities, not to mention flourishing businesses.

So what does one mean by honest opinions?

Well, ‘honest opinions’ means speaking anything and everything one feels about a product/ an experience pertaining to his/her world. And people want to listen to them. People want to listen to them because they are ‘real’. And in today’s world only the ‘real’ thing sells. The number of sponsored review sites are an evidence of the fact that people first want to know what other people think about a particular commodity; only then do they want to go for it.

So much so that businesses are buying paid blogs and reviews with honest opinions to advertise their sites. So what started as a medium of self expression is now turning into one of the most dynamic forms of advertising. This is indeed catching rage because technically it has been observed that after employing this strategy, search engine ranking of a site has gone up. The traffic flowing on a site has increased and there has been an improvement in over all business of the site. So in a nutshell – what really buys consumer’s interest are blogs and opinions.

The world is finally flying high – all we need to do is take guard of its strings!

Summary: Do opinions really govern the dynamics of the web? Read on to know all of it and more!

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