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Worst Habits of Women – Part II

Posted by Sara | Opinion | Wednesday 30 March 2011 10:22 pm
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In this second part, we will be continuing with sharing some of the worst habits of women.

Worst Habits of Women – Part II

1.       Girls want men to follow her blindly and when things go bad, they complain that things went bad due the man’s actions (poor guy!).

2.       Women and clock are just not made for each other. You will hardly find a girl who respects time.

3.       If you notice a traffic jam, 98 percent of the times (if not 100 percent) the driver will be a female. Wonder why driving licenses are given to girls?

4.       Ask her to withdraw cash from the ATM and she will first check the balance, then check her makeup, and take all the time in the world before coming out of the ATM.

5.       Girls are really bad at remembering passwords.

6.       Women like to nag, it’s a problem as old as humankind.

7.       Women tend to be over emotional, break out in tears, get hysterical or angry, and start throwing things when things do not go their way.

8.       Girls complain men change after marriage and should not have got married if things were so bad with them. Gosh, if the man knew beforehand the future, he would have probably stayed single forever.

9.       The best of all: Girls want reservations in trains, metros, jobs, and almost everything and want themselves to be treated like men. If they want to be equally treated, why demand or need special favors?

10.   Girls treat themselves to be extra-genius when actually, the right word is DUMB.

If you have any more to add on worst habits of women or want to prove something wrong, do not forget to share your views by making a comment.

Disclaimer: The data is collected from sad stories between couples and is not the opinion of the writer or the site.

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