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Worst Habits of Women – Part I

Posted by Sara | Opinion | Sunday 27 March 2011 10:25 pm
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In this blog, we will be discussing some of the worst habits of women.

Worst Habits of Women – Part I

1.       No matter how much the husband helps his wife in the kitchen or anything, she just cannot appreciate that. The worst part is that she will always “make” a thing that her father does better than you, even if that is just not worth doing in the first place.

2.       When it comes to sex, the day was too tiring for her but if you ask her to shop or make a visit to her parents’ house, she will be all energetic.

3.       Girls want their husbands to respect their parents even if they do not respect their girl’s husband and always find a reason to create a war between the two.

4.       Girls always want a perfect man but they fail to realize that the same could also be expected by the man – a perfect woman.

5.       Girls complain the guy is too much on porn. They forget that sex is an important part of life and they themselves are responsible (too much of fun before marriage with the guy and then blaming him for the same number of sex tries after marriage).

6.       If it is the guy’s friend who has been invited to the party at home or he came drunk, hell happens for the guy and if it is the wife’s friend, she has been bombarded by destiny.

7.       Girls provoke men with their actions and then complain that the husband (actually frustrated by her daily crap) is very abusive.

8.       When it comes to shopping for in-laws, girls just want to save and can get their wallet empty or even shop from a credit card when it is for her own parents or siblings.

9.       She can talk on hours on the phone to make the man at he side feel unimportant but always want the man to devote time to her crap.

10.   No amount of genuine reasoning by the man is considered good enough by a woman to accept the fact that she needs to change. Girls want men to change but they would never change themselves for the man.

If you have any more to add on worst habits of women or want to prove something wrong, do not forget to share your views by making a comment.

Disclaimer: The data is collected from sad stories between couples and is not the opinion of the writer or the site.

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