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Why Crab Meat Is Good For Diabetics-Benefits Of Crabs

Posted by Sara | Opinion | Friday 24 July 2015 10:33 am
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Nutritionists across the world recommend crab meat to people of all ages, especially those with a history of diabetes and heart diseases. This is not just because crab meat is high in vitamins and minerals, but also because they are a rich source of chromium that helps insulin to metabolize sugar and thereby reducing the blood glucose levels in the body. If that was not all, Crab meat is carbohydrate-free that makes it an excellent choice for diabetics.

crab meat

The presence of chromium is also useful to increase HDL (good cholesterol) in the body that minimizes the risks of coronary, strokes, and circulatory heart complications. Also, crabs include sterol that has the potential of restricting the absorption of other cholesterol eaten during meals thus canceling out the negative effects of other fats added to the meal.

In addition to these advantages, crab meat is an excellent source of selenium. Selenium has the ability to cancel out the carcinogenic effects of mercury, arsenic, and cadmium that can lead to tumors in humans. Medical studies in the past have suggested that higher levels of selenium in the blood are associated with reduced rates of cancer.

Like all shellfish, crabs are a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids that reduces the stickiness of blood platelets to make red blood cells more flexible and thus promoting a smoother flow. Also, Omega 3 acids are known to minimize the levels of LDL (low-density lipo-proteins) and tri-glycerides that choke up artery walls as deposits. The list of health benefits associated with crab meat does not end here. The content of potassium in crabs is extremely beneficial for promoting healthy cell growth while sodium helps in regulating blood pressure.

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