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What Steve Jobs Told The World?

Posted by Sara | Opinion | Sunday 22 January 2012 11:24 pm
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What Steve Jobs Told The WorldMany people have different versions of what all they all learned from Steve Jobs, the man behind the success of Apple Inc and its former CEO, who is now resting in the heaven.

Well there are many things that Jobs told the world, including:

Analysts, journalists, gurus, and consultants cannot “do”, so they “advise.” They can have an opinion of how good or bad a product or service is, but they cannot make a great one, they also cannot sell it themselves.

Steve Jobs was among the firsts to tell the world that the customer does not possess the ability to tell what exactly he needs and a smart business has to predict his expectations on his own. Customers can just say “Better, faster, and cheaper” but how will the product or service be “Better, faster, and cheaper” is unknown to them. They can only find the better between two or more things but do not have the time, will, or knowledge to specify their own expectations.

Real demo by company head: There has not been a company head that has come forward to launch a new product or service and tell the world everything about it and answer all related queries, but Steve Jobs did. He was always there to demo a pod, pad, phone, and Mac two to three times a year and understood what his company was doing and explained it to the world at large. This is something that differentiated Jobs from the rest.

The greatest thing that Steve Jobs made the world realize is that one should have the conviction to let people believe in his thoughts and style of working. Jobs knew that the world can be changed only when a few minds will change and he single-handedly changed the minds and eventually the world. RIP Steve Jobs.

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