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UK iPhone users have an overdrawn bank account

Posted by Sara | Opinion | Monday 18 April 2011 3:06 am
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UK iPhone users have an overdrawn bank accountEven though iPhone owners in Britain may look well off with their expensive gadgets, their main bank accounts however are usually overdrawn as per a survey.

The Daily Mail reported that fewer than one in five owners of the must-have phone admit that they are short of money.

From in.finance.yahoo.com:

The YouGov poll found that a total of 54 percent of those using the rival Android phone system and half of BlackBerry owners say they are never overdrawn.

It also found that financial status and salary can be linked to what type of smartphone one uses, with those who use an Android or BlackBerry likely to earn more than those who use an iPhone.

The survey found that ten percent of BlackBerry owners earned more than 50,000 pounds a year, but only five percent of iPhone users reached this salary bracket.

A total of seven percent of Android phone owners had a salary in this range.

Just under a half of iPhone users earn less than 20,000 pounds a year, compared with 38 percent who own a BlackBerry and 27 percent of Android users.

The Daily Mail also reported that one in ten Britons admitting to being constantly in the red.

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