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Top 3 Highest-Paying Jobs in Aviation

Posted by Sara | Opinion | Friday 7 August 2015 1:50 am
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There are plenty of jobs out there in the aviation industry besides being a conventional commercial airline pilot (though this job itself is a rewarding and high-paying one). Here are the top 3 highest paying jobs in aviation.

  1. Director of Aerospace Program Management

When it comes to engineering, aerospace comes second only to petroleum engineering for salary. Aerospace program directors can expect to earn over $150,000 per year. These professionals typically require a graduate degree in business, such as an MBA, as well as a degree in engineering. Directors help devise the company’s overall business strategy, negotiate contracts to build aircrafts, and help boost company profitability. There certainly are many aerospace jobs out there that pay very well.

Top 3 Highest-Paying Jobs in Aviation

  1. Airline Pilot, Co-pilot or Flight Engineer

The majority of pilots used to get their training in the military, but recently, it’s become more common for new hires to get a college degree and training from a certified flight training school instead. Airline pilots can expect to earn as much as $120,000 annually. And they can take their expertise outside of commercial flying, such as testing planes, monitoring air traffic, and other functions.

  1. Aerospace Project Engineer

This professional must understand all there is to know about aerospace engineering, and have the organizational skills needed to lead a team through various projects. The job can pay upwards of $85,000 per year, and entails budgeting for projects, hiring and training staff, and checking the work of their team.

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