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Tattoos For Men-Significance Of Tribal Tattoos

Posted by Sara | Opinion | Friday 30 October 2015 8:59 am
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When it comes to tattoos for men, there is nothing more beautiful, inspiring, and stylish than a tribal tattoo.

For quite a while now, tribal tattoos have been in vogue and you can find details about a lot of tribal tattoo designs, tribal tattoo ideas, and tribal tattoos for men on the internet.

One of the best things about tribal tattoos is that they have a bold, distinctive visual appeal. The interlocking patterns and thick & black curving lines make them ideal for body parts such as the upper or the lower back or the upper arm. These tattoos tend to tell a detailed story about the social hierarchy and the origin of the tribe and the person who wears them. If that was not all, tribal tattoos are known to have magical powers and are believed to protect against disease and pain. American Indians used tattoos to offer magical powers, praise, and protection while the Aztecs used tattoos for making the rank of a warrior and differentiate between tribes. The Haidas used tattoos for representing the family crest and social status.

In today’s times, you can even find modern tribal tattoos that are not strongly linked to any specific tribe. Or you can still opt for traditional tribal tattoos such as Aztec Tribal Tattoos, Native American Tattoos, Chinese Tribal Tattoos, Haida Tattoos, the Celtic tribes, the Borneo tribes, the Maori, and other Polynesian tribes.

If you want to get a tribal tattoo, it is important for you to first have a look at different shapes and motifs of these tattoos. It is also recommended that you develop understanding about the mythology and view of the world for the tribe and then ask an expert tattoo artist to give you a tattoo that reflects the religious and social values of the tribe.

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