Peer-to-peer marketing focusing children to be banned by the Conservatives

Posted by Sara | Opinion | Friday 23 April 2010 4:14 am
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Peer-to-peer marketing focusing children to be banned by the ConservativesIn an attempt to end the ““commercialization of childhood”, the Conservative Party would be banning peer-to-peer marketing techniques that are targeted at children.

In its general election manifesto unveiled today, the party confirmed its plans of ending the “excessive pressure” on children by brands.

From Mad.co.uk:

The Tories’ crackdown on marketing to children also restates the party’s commitment to develop an online system for parents to “take action” against “irresponsible marketing techniques”.  Yesterday (12 April) Labour pledged to ask Consumer Focus to develop a website for parents to complain about “sexualised” products aimed at children.

The manifesto also restates the Tories promise to ban off-licences and supermarkets from selling alcohol below cost price, a move that is likely to win favour with health charities and the on-trade amid concern that deep discounting has led to an increase in binge-drinking and hit pub sales.

Other measures include: Ensuring consumers have the “right to choose non-GM foods through clear labelling” and introducing “honesty in food labelling” to ensure that consumers “can be confident about where their food comes from”.

The Tories’ “invitation to join the government of Britain” also promises to hand people more power. Pledges include measures to allow people to setup their own schools, giving community groups the “right to buy” local pubs and post offices, and the ability to sack MPs.

The party reaffirmed its stance to ban agencies found in “serious breach” of rules governing marketing to young children from bidding for government contracts for a period of three years.

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