Non Verbal Communication Interpreted Wrong

Posted by Sara | Opinion | Wednesday 6 October 2010 12:01 am
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Body language is really important when it comes to working in a corporate environment. The vibes from a person needs to be positive enough to attract the other person in order to work together in a team. There are different types of vibes a person may feel around with his colleagues. Sometimes they are misinterpreted because of mixed personalities and so the mixed vibes confuses the person.

From timesofindia.indiatimes.com:

In matters of communication, a lot of what we ‘give’ and ‘receive’ depends on our vibes – bodylanguage, facial expressions, speech tone, speech speed and eye contact. Though it comes from your upbringing and your past experiences, your vibe can be changed to bring the best in you. You just need to put in a conscious effort. With regular practice it becomes a part of your personality.

You need to keep positive relationships with your colleagues to move forward. There are victim vibes which might let you change your path rather than the others who pass negative vibes. The next is arrogant, over confident, superiority and being over friendly. Such vibes might be taken wrong sometime when it’s natural to some beings. We need to change ourselves over the work place, relax if we get some negative ones and try shifting them to positive.

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