Marriage counseling not the best way out for couples

Posted by Sara | Opinion | Thursday 12 August 2010 12:27 am
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Marriage counseling not the best way out for couplesA British report has suggested that seeking counseling to save marriage may not be the best idea to save the “troubling” relationship.

The Department for Education report suggested that marriage counseling could possibly do more harm than good as it demonstrate that the relationship is already over and the bond between couples is a complete failure.

From in.news.yahoo.com:

Most people would rather resolve relationship problems privately between themselves or with the help of close friends and family.

However, if they do resort to professional help then it was ‘intrinsically linked with feelings of failure and defeat,’ the reports suggests.

It also made people feel weak and that by the time a couple decided to attend relationship counselling it was often too late “to repair a relationship”.

“Many of the participants felt that a couple should be able to deal with their relationship problems privately… without having to rely on external relationship support,” the Telegraph quoted the report as saying.

“Support from friends and family was more acceptable than formal support such as relationship counselling.

“A few of the participants suggested that if a couple required formal or professional relationship support to solve a relationship difficulty, then the relationship was not worth saving and unlikely to be successful.

It was added by the report that most of the participants disclosed that they will not be using a relationship counseling service to save their marriage.

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