Keeping Employees On Time

Posted by Brad Duchaine | Opinion | Tuesday 7 July 2015 3:53 am
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Hourly employees make up a good portion of the work force. That means that every business that hires hourly employees will need to have an accurate and easy-to-use system that allows employees to clock in and out each day they work. There are a number of options you can choose from when it comes to employee time clocks. Here are some of the most popular options.

Keeping Employees On Time

Punch Clocks

Time clocks that have a mechanical punch system have been around for decades. They are easy to use and can accurately record each punch for clocking in and clocking out each day. However, many businesses have moved to other time clock systems because this is one of the few systems that can be used by anyone, which means employees can clock in for each other leading to common employee problems with tardiness.

Time Clock Software

A very popular option today is time clock software that is installed onto a computer or a system of computers. This software works with each employee having a username and password to clock in each day. This can be done at a central computer terminal or through their own computers at their desks. The software is convenient and can be upgraded to meet the demands of a growing business.

Biometric Clocks

If you want to completely eliminate employees cheating by clocking in for other employees, a biometric time clock is the solution. Instead of using a username and password, key card or punch card, a biometric clock uses an employee’s unique fingerprint to clock in and out each day. While this system may cost more than other options, it is highly secure.

As with any time clock system, it is important to teach employees how to use the system properly so that the reports the system generates for your HR department will be accurate each week.

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