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How to Host a Successful Textile Event?

Posted by Sara | Opinion | Friday 21 August 2015 2:32 am
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You have a collection of textiles that you think are absolutely dreamy and you are sure that they will sell with ease. However, for some reason, you can’t seem to get as many people to come into your doors as you would like.

How to Host a Successful Textile Event

Here’s a great idea for you: Host an event! Yes, textile events are an excellent way to get the word out about your products and to introduce them to a huge community.

Here are some ideas that will help you plan an event that will be even more successful than you hope.

Choose a great date. The date is the first thing you need to consider. Host your event around a certain time of the year, like Christmas or the beginning of the spring. People are more apt to shop for textiles at these times of the year.

Make it welcoming. Make sure that your event is welcoming. You want prospective buyers to feel welcomed when they are shopping. Add a coat check. Make sure clean restrooms are available. Offer refreshments.

Make it interactive. Don’t just set up your fabrics and hope people will shop. Make the event interactive and people will be more likely to shop.


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