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Higher salaries for slimmer women and fat men

Posted by Sara | Opinion | Saturday 12 February 2011 4:35 am
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Higher salaries for slimmer women and fat men

According to a recent study, men who ae skinnier than average cash smaller paychecks than normal-weighted men. On the other hand, women are paid significantly more than their average-size counterparts.

The study disclosed that men should be big and strong, and women skinny if they want to earn a fair salary.

From in.news.yahoo.com:

Experts say it is just another sign that as a society, we have internalized the unrealistic, media-driven physical ideals that show up in the workplace – and, therefore, the pocketbook.

Researchers Timothy Judge and Daniel Cable found thin women earned about 16,000 dollars more a year on average. In contrast, thin men earned about 8,000 dollars less than their more muscular male co-workers.

They said that much of the problem is the result of subconscious decisions based on entrenched social stereotypes.heir report cites studies in which obese individuals were identified as ‘undisciplined, dishonest and less likely to do productive work’.

Conversely, the researchers pointed out that employers and fellow employees associate values of self-discipline, thrift, hard work and positivity with thin individuals.

The researchers suggested that employers look at their assumptions about employees’ weight, because they may be rooted in prejudice.

The finding was reported in the Washington Post and published in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

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