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Experiencing True Video Quality with Your Wii

Posted by Sara | Opinion | Wednesday 30 January 2013 8:00 pm
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The Nintendo Wii has become one of the most popular gaming consoles of all time. It used revolutionarily accurate motion capture technology to allow people to use their bodies to play games, instead of simply their thumbs. The attractiveness of this type of gaming was not lost on most people, as the Wii was sold out for months after its initial release and continues to outsell most other gaming console. This new technology has created a new way to game, and has even made gaming more readily available to many people. However, there is one problem with the Wii – video and audio quality. Fortunately, ever problem has its own solution, and the lackluster quality of the Wii can be improved to create a richer gaming experience.

Experiencing True Video Quality with Your Wii

The Inherent Problem with Wii Gaming: Quality

While there may be games that are incredibly fun and addictive for the Wii, there is a constant feeling that the quality of the video and audio is simply lacking. Compared to other modern gaming consoles, it feels like the Wii is a decade behind. The video can seem pixelated, and the audio can be lackluster. However, there is a fix! Instead of using the cables that come standard with the Wii, invest in a Wii to HDMI cable.

This upgraded cable will transmit the highest possible video and audio quality from the Wii to your HDTV. This will even fix many resolution issues some users have been known to experience. While it may not be able to match other leading consoles in video quality, it will significantly improve the end quality of your Wii.

Consider that the resolution output by the Wii is dramatically lower than the average HDTV. While the resolution that is output by the Wii cannot be changed with a cable, a HDMI cable will allow for higher quality transmission of data. The difference between quality and definition is important to understand; with different types of cables, the same definition (resolution) will appear entirely different.

Getting the Absolute Most out of Your Wii

Purchasing a specialty cable will help you get the absolute most out of your Wii. These cables were designed to specifically transmit high quality data from the Wii to your HDTV. Having a Wii connected to a HDTV without using one of these specialty cables is simply a waste of money. You have spent a significant amount of money on your HDTV and your Wii, go the extra step to get great quality out of your Wii.

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