Dare Questions To Ask A Guy

Posted by Sara | Opinion | Monday 24 August 2015 10:13 am
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The game of truth and dare is one of the most amazing timeless games that can be simultaneously terrifying and fun. It is a game to make people laugh, open up better than ever with each other, and learn many things about the person and yourself. That is why it the best game to play with your better half or with a stranger in whom you have an interest.

top dares to ask your guy

Here are some dare questions to ask a guy: 

Question 1: What is the one thing that scares you a lot?

Men are known to be macho but no wonder they also have their fears. It could be the spider or the lizard or anything else. By answering this question, the guy proves he is human and if you he does open up to you to admit his innermost fear, it shows he trusts you.

Question 2: What is your dream job?

An answer to this question will tell you whether the guy is a dreamer, realistic, or ambitious. If you plan to spend your life with him, answer to this question is a must to find out what he wants out of his life.

Question 3: What is your idea of a perfect date?

A man should be tough mentally but must have a heart full of care, love, and should have a soft side. An answer to this would help you see the other side of the guy.

Question 4: What is your biggest regret?

Most people are embarrassed to talk about their regrets. If he is a man enough to divulge his biggest regret before you, you will know a more vulnerable side of him.

If you want him to finish some dares, how about:

  • Ask a complete stranger about her number.
  • Reply to everything you ask in a singing mode
  • Talk for the rest of the night in a strange accent
  • Moonwalk everywhere he goes
  • Lick the floor or act like a dog

To know more, visit good dares – ListAddicts.com.


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