Can your home do this? The home of the future is here!

Posted by Sara | Opinion | Wednesday 17 September 2014 3:43 am
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It wasn’t long ago an automated home seemed like a futuristic fantasy. However, visit AcadianaSecurityPlus.com and you’ll see the future has arrived. Read on to discover the amazing things your home is now capable of.

  • Temperature control. Automated thermostats are nothing new, but how about a thermostat that adjusts every time you arm or disarm your security system? Honeywell offers a thermostat you can program and control from your smart phone for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Lights. It used to be the only way to control your lights while away from home was to plug them into manual timers. Now, you can program and control your lights with your smart phone to ensure your lights are on when you need them to be and off the rest of the time.
  • Locks. If you’ve ever locked yourself out of your home, you’ll love being able to unlock your door with your smart phone. This is also a great feature if you need to let someone in while you’re not at home. Automated locks can also be linked to your security system or programmed to a set schedule.
  • Cameras. Imagine being able to keep track of your home from your smart phone, tablet or PC while you’re at work or on vacation. Now you can. You can rest assured that your kids, pets and property are safe and secure no matter where you happen to be.
  • Shades. Windows in tough to reach places such as high foyers are often left without window treatments. Automated shades make controlling light through those windows much easier, sparing carpet, furniture and your energy bill. The shades can also be controlled and programmed via smart phone to open and close on a schedule.

Automating your home’s functions is no longer the wave of the future. Now your home can be more inviting, more secure and more energy efficient.

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