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Benefits Of Polyethylene Bags-On-Rolls

Posted by Sara | Opinion | Friday 16 August 2013 8:38 pm
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If you are a business owner or shipping manager and looking for a safe shipping product that can reduce damage claims by as much as 60-80 percent while keeping the product secure, polyethylene bags-on-rolls would be the ideal option.

Benefits Of Polyethylene Bags-On-Rolls

This is not just because polyethylene bags are second to none for offering an improved level of moisture vapor transmission rate so that products stay dry for long, but also because these bags are cheap and effective. These bags are extremely durable and strong and are best known to prevent cracking or breaking if a bottle is dropped accidentally. Moreover, these bags are more weather friendly than other options like paper bags that fail when it comes to storing or packing wet market products such as fish and other seafood products.

If that was not all, these bags don’t tend to delaminate with high fat products and weigh loss, which means your shipping cost are reduced to a dramatic extent. In addition to these distinctive advantages, polyethylene bags-on-rolls are characterized by increased puncture resistance, greater clarity, enhanced sealability, greater seam strength, and ease of opening that make them the best option for a wide range of functions.

Furthermore, these premium quality bags can be purchased in a wide range of colors and sizes. Polyethylene bags can be purchased in different forms such as wicket bags, recloseable zipper bags, random printed bags, and separated bags. Also, buying these cheap and high quality bags is an easy affair when you go online with PlasticBagPro.com, one of the most trusted sources for plastic products. This company has the capabilities to develop the exact polythene bag you are looking for and is one of the most admired names when it comes to producing a wide range of products including colored films that are featured by the highest quality, the most reliable delivery, special offers, and responsive services.

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