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4 Ways to Nail Your Next Business Presentation

Posted by Brad Duchaine | Opinion | Tuesday 3 February 2015 2:27 am
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Excellent speeches are listened to, remembered, and referenced for years to come. Successful business speakers have likely honed their skills through several years and numerous presentations. If you need to become a pro by tomorrow afternoon, read on for top tips from great speakers.

4 Ways to Nail Your Next Business Presentation

1. Fake it till you make it. If you’re under-confident, put on a confident face anyway to trick the crowd. Even if you’re quivering on the inside, stand up tall, smile, and steady your breathing so your voice doesn’t shake.

2. Before launching right into your speech, introduce yourself. In two sentences, tell the audience who you are and why they should be interested in what you have to say.

3. Don’t wait until the end of the speech to tell the audience how to connect with you online. If you give out your Twitter handle first thing, you may notice that some audience members are Tweeting the inspirational sentences you’re saying. How’s that for a confidence boost?

4. Tell a story. The greatest speeches have narratives, not just strings of information that remind everyone of their college days. Storytelling engages the audience in an interesting way and on an emotional level. Once you’ve appealed to their emotions, you’ve got their attention.

Oral presentations and speeches can be aided by slideshow presentations. If you’ve never put one together or you simply don’t have the time, invest in custom PowerPoint design.

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